LegLocked Hayley (T16 US Nats)

WhackedMaki 874

It's Lock Hayley without Legwork and some cards changed around. Nothing much to say about it. It beat Moon, and 2x Foodcoats and lost to CI7 twice.

Secret tech: Sell your Film Critic with an agenda on it to Aesop and then Mad Dash into Archives for pure profit.

8 Jun 2017 phette23

Ooo I like 2x Peace in this list, which is so cash-strapped much of the time. Also I'd thought of 1x Astrolabe 1x Ubax (install the appropriate one for the matchup or install Astro early & sell to Aesop'c late) but never tested it enough. Really cool! Obviously worked well as you made the cut, the bottom tables were littered with lock Hayley players not doing as well.