Frantic Whizzard (SC Winning List 4-1)

SimonMoon 2355

This is the Frantic Coding Whizzard List I won a SC with.

Basically, you use Frantic Coding to find Magnum Opus quickly while also putting all your programs in the bin where you can retrieval run them.Medium gives you strong R&D pressure, Vamp HQ, and you can threaten remotes pretty well. Your econ is decently tag resistant as you can recover from CA / always make money. Femme lets you break Tollbooth remotes fairly easily.

Ice Carver makes a lot of Code Gates / Sentries you break with Femme / Black Orchestra more managable.

Temujin because its the most busted runner card in the game, and gives you enough money on non-Mopus starts.

Overall it feels fairly strong and decently consistent, and you get a lot of starts that let you beat CTM which is still the #1 Corp deck IMO.

I haven't played a ton so don't have any super great tips, but it feels strong and dynamic overall without super linear lines, so its a lot of fun to play.

7 Dec 2016 phette23

I saw your list on acoo & instantly started playing it, great work. Frantic Coding kind of looks like a joke card but it's amazing here. Mitigating the loss of powerful non-program cards & managing MU has been tricky for me but the set up speed of the deck is incredible.

7 Dec 2016 zeroshift

I like that between Frantic Coding and Inject, you make Potatoes Unleashed so much better :D

Especially with no Levy.

7 Dec 2016 beyoken

Between vamp and slums, this deck definitely has some game against Potatoes. Frantics and Injects would be nothing more than net damage fodder.

Great deckbuilding as always kenny :)

8 Dec 2016 triorph

I love this deck so much. Its so perfectly made for what it is.

9 Dec 2016 Oh_Em_Ve

Love playing this deck though the memory issues are real. Haven't been able to keep data sucker on the board in a game yet. Do you think it's worth exploring memstrips or progenitor in this sort of deck?

9 Dec 2016 Simone Suka

why no MaE? I see a lot of use for it here

9 Dec 2016 SimonMoon

@zeroshiftas Ben says you don't have the use these cards when you draw them. You have a bunch of recursion to deal with getting stuff binned, as well as net damage decks often struggling against vamp. Matchup is probably pretty good.

@Oh_Em_Ve it may need slightly more memory, and progenitor as a 1x would be my pick. I've found a lot of thr time you can deal with winning and never actually installing everything you want (or installing over stuff as needed). However my testing isn't completely thorough and more mem is probably the thing I'd be most lkke to add.

@Simone Suka it could maybe use it, seems to overlap with inject and frantic and I think is worse than either one but maybe 1-2 would be good to get really consistent

10 Dec 2016 nutritionalzero

What would you cut for Progenitor?

15 Dec 2016 Namepls

I've found this to do well against prison Potatoes Unleashed with mopus/slums/vamp, not sure about the snare/shock recursion version though.

2 Mar 2017 Manadog

If this list were updated to include Sifr what would the influence spread be? I assume you'd find room for parasites so what would the cuts be? Thanks.

6 Jun 2017 igrekk

Hey, would you mind sharing your CtM list from Euros?(: