Peas in Our Time - UKSHL4 Finals Winner

CallMeDutch 300

Prior to the finals I was searching for a deck that could deal with the rise of CI. However midway through this process I found out how good Aginfusion was, and decided my runner needed to deal with both glacier and fast advance.

Against these decks you want as many threats they have to deal with as possible. Cards like Employee Strike, Clot and Tapwrm knock these Corps off balance, delaying their setup while you advance yours. Most Shaper decks have this already, but in my testing have only Estrike or Clot/Tapwrm was not enough, a runner must have a critical mass of these threats. And if they manage to clear all these threats you'll have a clear tempo advantage.

4 Nov 2017 BenjayC

Congratulations! Will there be a write-up at some point?

4 Nov 2017 CallMeDutch

`@BenjayC small write up added :)

5 Nov 2017 hsiale

What is the plan against asset spam? Slow them down a bit with EStrike/Clot and spam Indexing hoping to win before they snowball?

6 Nov 2017 CallMeDutch

@hsialevs Yellow/Green spam: poke accesses and dismantle key assets when ready with Estrike, with Misdirection you are pretty immune to HHN, vs Purple spam: clot lock, pock accesses and setup TTW to attack HQ.