Peaceful Pirate (1st place Fremont, CA Store Championship)

westonodom 1114

Played this along with my Palana list 80V 80V. I went 4-1 on the day with it, beating Titan, Potential Unleashed, Palana, and Personal Evolution, and losing to Palana once in Swiss.

This list is obviously a derivative of Chris Dyer's excellent Pirate Hayley list. I've been playing it for about a week and a half and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's extremely flexible, has outs in almost all situations, has really complicated, intricate lines of play, rewards player skill very highly, and is just super good. It's an absolute blast to play - I don't see myself playing anything else in the near future. My changes from Chris's list were:

-1 Political Operative, +1 Peace in our Time

PolOp was nice sometimes, but when I was playing Chris's exact list I felt like occasionally I just needed one more econ boost my first time through the deck (or if they stuck an early Scarcity). Peace isn't anything super special, but it does what I wanted it to do.

-1 Astrolabe, -1 Sacrificial Construct, -1 Same Old Thing, +3 Gbahali

Chris, I don't know how you did it without this thing. This was obviously an instant include as soon as it came out and I can't imagine playing without it. This card hits so many annoying ice, and having both it and Kongamato (plus Grappling Hook of course) is what gives this deck so much play (as well as the deep decision tree I mentioned earlier).

-1 Self-Modifying Code, +1 Interdiction

Nailing an NGO Front with Interdiction is one of the most satisfying feelings in Netrunner right now, and Scarcity of Resources is a real bummer, so having an extra current made sense to me. I always tried to play this before running advanced cards if possible. It was also amazing at occasionally clearing out Crisium/Batty/Ash from R&D. I wasn't too sold on it before I played it, but now I'm here to tell you that this card is legit.

-1 Legwork, +1 Clot

I think this will probably be the most controversial change I made, but I'm happy with it. The deck often plays out in the classic Shaper remote camp + R&D lock style, and while Legwork helped close out games and punish bad draws, having a persistent Clot threat via SMC / Street Peddler / Hayley install (plus 2x Levy) feels amazing. Nabbing an Atlas against Titan dramatically changes the matchup, and it's amazing against CI (well, actually almost every HB deck), yellow decks that play MCAAP, and the Jinteki decks that play Shipment from Tennin. I was nervous about this change going into the tournament, but I'm very comfortable with it now. Credit to Andrew "CTZ" Cortez for the suggestion on this one.

26 Mar 2018 Saan

Glad to see you're digging the deck as well! I also made the interdiction change, and have been very happy with it.

I think cutting legwork for clot makes some sense, especially right now when it seems like tons of people are trying to FA in at least some way. I was wary of it because of the lack of CCs or SacCons, but you've gone a ways toward convincing me. That CTZ guy makes a lot of sense, when he's making any sense at all.

26 Mar 2018 westonodom

@Saan yea I'm realllly loving this deck right now. With Clot you basically get 3 shots at it, but yea it's surprisingly easy to keep the threat up between all your paid ability install methods. I think as long as Titan is somewhat popular (or another FA deck) I'll be playing it.

27 Mar 2018 ctz

Don't make claims like this @Saan. I NEVER make sense

3 Apr 2018 formerteen