slot shaming (8th @ worlds)

groenkaaf 1147

this is my version of the triumvirate list, a subgrouping of the snare! bear freedom which plays the 3rd zer0 over the 3rd gachapon, as opposed to canonical freedom, played by skry et alii. greg's take on the triumvirate list is much more disciplined w/r/t optimizing for zer0 than mine. my only real concession to it is to play 2x dad mash rather than the single copy played across the schism in canonical freedom.

i was unwilling to cut the hunting grounds after seeing the aginfusion list in testing and took a lot of heat for it from my teammates (thus the name), notably by players who planned on taking the aginfusion. really makes you think. all it did for me on the day was eat an fc3 sub off a gacha install, but i didn't see it in any games i lost (and in the one runner game i did lose, it would have come in handy), so it's hard to say the 3rd deuces would have been better. the citadel is probably overkill but at sea one must be all belt-and-suspenders mustn't one?

went 5-1 across swiss and the cut. that's not a ton of games of netrunner for worlds but i corped in the tiebreaker round and 3/4 rounds of the cut. into a bunch of boats. blech

12 Oct 2022 thebigunit3000

😄 Well done, you crushed it this weekend!