Wusyuk, 1st Winnipeg NISEI Store Champs

FreqKing 297

This deck dropped only one game (3-1) at the Winnipeg NISEI store championship hosted by Amuse N Games. Matches were Sports Metal (loss), Mirrormorph, Mti, (ID to top 4 cut). Azmari in the cut.

I’ve played quite a bit of Reavershop and this build was designed to optimize cost two installs for big digs using Khusyuk. This particular list needs some more optimization around memory management and likely can drop the Freedom through Equality in favour of Notoriety but the basic shell is strong. Using Wu to install Harbinger then Spec Work really accelerates the deck and is a way of tutoring fuel for Aesop’s and keeping it on the board. Spec Work can also be used on empty D4vid’s. Clone Chip is primarily an econ engine to get harbingers back, fire it on the corp turn to net 3 cards and 5 credits for one Harbinger. If the match goes long transitioning to The Artist, Kati Jones, and Rezaki is your secondary economy and you can pawn Reaver once you are set up to free more memory.

Big thanks to our FLGS Amuse N Games for continuing to support the Netrunner community. Also thanks to the Winnipeg meta in general but especially dragoonkin for organizing a fantastic event.

1 Apr 2019 Ajar

Congrats on the win!

2 Apr 2019 Dragoonkin

You're gonna lose all your games tho'.

6 Apr 2019 rattkin

How often were you able to get at six 2-cost cards on the table? Seem like the setup is 1xTurntable, 1xBeth, 1xKati, 2xLeprechaun, 1xReaver, 2xRezeki = 8 cards seems like little leeway?

"fire Clone Chip on the corp turn to net 3 cards and 5 credits for one Harbinger" - can you explain what you mean by that? With Spec Work you net 3c and 2 cards (+1 with Reaver) per Harbinger, with Aesop you net 3c (+1 with Reaver). Not sure how do I reach 5c and 3 cards and what firing on during corp's turn has to do with that?

How do

6 Apr 2019 rattkin

... you go about getting Harbingers to the table? Do you only Wu them when you have Spec Work in hand? Do you waste Scavenge on it? (seems like they're more needed for Lady)