NBN R+ Drago Gambit ♟️ - America Continental 39#

wiserunner 272

Girl in a jacket

I was preparing a NBN R+ deck with Boom! & Drago since he came out. I used to play the Reeducation + Neurospike along Boom! and HHN in R+. And then Sokka won with an "special" R+ that uses all kind of "strange" operations with Drago.

I didnt want to change a lot the deck I have been working on so my plan was making the opponent think I was playing the Sokka deck and make them ignore the double advanced Drago and then use Seamlees + Boom!

It worked everytime I didnt got flooded with agendas.

All the kitties are inefective against the new Lat deck because they always use Stargate to go R&D. 🙃

29 Jun 2023 Butent

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