Software Key V1.3

CrashT 59

Of all the Runners I've always been the most successful - and had the most fun - with Kit. This version has proven particularly good, having a strong showing in testing and going undefeated at a local 12 person GNK.

Kit's ID ability lets her apply early game pressure and Engolo combined with Magnum Opus can be enough to win on their own. The strength of Code Gates mean Corps tend to be playing a lot of them, which makes it difficult to create servers that can keep Engolo out.

Once you have Engolo and Magnum Opus on the table the plan is to make one run a turn (or two if there's a Code Gate only server anywhere) while spending the other clicks to build up the rest of your rig, Cyberdelia and Paragon being the first pieces you want followed by the other ICE Breakers.

Paragon's ability allows you to bottom any duplicate cards you don't need meaning everything you draw will get used. Two Cyberdelia mean converting things to Code Gate with Engolo is credit neutral, the third will usually get bottomed by Paragon as at that point multi-access is more important.

Feedback Filter and Citadel Sanctuary are meta calls. I took two Feedback Filter to the GNK I won because I knew Jinteki was popular. Losing all your cards to steal an Obokata Protocol isn't an issue as you can win games with just Magnum Opus and Engolo, and you'll likely have enough money to survive a Neural EMP or beat the trace on a Punitive Counterstrike.

Against some decks the Sacrificial Constructs can be dead cards, but they are also something you can easily sacrifice to Degree Mill; if you don't think you'll need them just bottom them with Paragon.

2 Aug 2018 GotSeb

Great description, thanks =D

2 Aug 2018 NtscapeNavigator

"and you'll likely have enough money to survive a Neural EMP or beat the trace on a Punitive Counterstrike."

Or do a me, and steal obo and forget about Punative; when not only is it my favorite card in all of netrunner, but my opponent was borrowing my spare deck.

Gz on the win.

3 Aug 2018 Steamwood

That's a lot of Cyberdelia, but I guess you need it with 5 memory otherwise! Looks like a solid deck.

3 Aug 2018 CrashT

@Steamwood You only really care about the first two Cyberdelia because they pay for converting things to Code Gate with Engolo. You can survive with 5 MU because you're relying primarily on Engolo and Magnum Opus anyway.