BLM - 7th in Swiss - Top Shaper

enkoder 854

First off, thanks to all the wonderful people who made this tournament happen. I'm proud to be a member of such an inclusive community and it was very special to see how much money we raised for such an important cause. Black lives matter!

I immediately jumped into Hayley as the first runner I wanted to play since they got so many tools gifted back with the ban list. I went back and forth on the different breaker suites between Engolo and Euler but landed on Engolo since as you'll see, the money pours out of this deck. Once set up, the game is yours. The question though is how can you compete with the rushy corp meta that I was certainly going to see? Enter Hyperdriver and tapwrm.

Tapwrm is typically an extra 4 clicks and hyperdriver is runner rashida (pending ProCo of course). If the corp doesn't purge, then you don't need to install Rezekis right away and can focus on getting your breakers out sooner. Hyperdriver turns with ProCo out is a things of beauty, you have so much time it's hard to plan a turn out! These two peices are really the gas you need to establish the lock, but admittedly you can have a clunky start if you don't draw them in the right order.

The rounds were:

  1. W - PE - Trap based corp that didn't draw enough money or ice.
  2. W - RP - Bio-ethics wtih some nasty ice. I generated enough moeny to contenst the critical assets early and lock R&D.
  3. W - CTM - Ronydoge's CTM who won the whole tourney. They scored an early ARES but after a big Hyperdriver turn, I cleared the critical assets like Amani, Jeeves, and TeamSpo but left DBS and PAD Campain. Eventually around 20 left in R&D, I installed the the RDI's and went ham to close it out after the bottomed agendas wheeled.
  4. L - Medtech - Got greedy on a turn 3 obo steal with low credits and got puntatived to dealth. Pew pew ded.
  5. N/A - I 241'ed and was chosen to corp. Not sure how I won since on turn 6 I had 6/7 agendas in my hand.
  6. L - Titan - This match was intense as I had a terrible draw and had a hard time keeping my credits high enough to threaten clot and build a board state. I balked on an Atlas where I should have pulled out clot. I burned another simulchip while shutting down a hostile. The second Atlas was scored after tripple biotic purge + adacity. The last atlas was scored because I couldn't set up anther clot threat. Huge props to Heinzel for pulling this one, expertly played!
  7. Cut R2 - L - Sports - Another sad story of a FA deck outplaying me even though I had clot threat. thlanderson played it perfectly and played Biotic + Audacity + CVS to purge through the Clot threat. Why even have this dumb card?

I had a lot of fun with this deck! It sets up surprising quick thanks to hyperdriver and once you get the lock, you really get it. I don't think I would play the tapwrms again. I'd rather play a Turntable and a Legwork instead or go back to the fan site package and play PAD Taps. Either way, I don't think tapwrm did that much overall and will likely cut it from my Hayley builds moving forward.

Also shout out to @CritHitd20 who made GamerCoats, the corp deck I sleeved up. This thing carried me to the cut going 5-1 in Swiss.

29 Jun 2020 phette23

Only TWO Aesop's are you absolutely mad?