[Classique 2023] PPVP Kate

ClassiqueBubbles 10

7 Nov 2023 cursor

Deck Advice, courtesy of Nemamiah

What Your Deck Does

This is a classic Shaper deck; you have lots of tools available to you but need to think about how and when to use them. In the early game you want to play as many Prepaid VoicePADs as you can find, then use them to play draw, economy and multiaccess events. The ideal pattern for your turn is to draw twice, play a hardware or program and then play a discounted event. Once you’ve gone through your deck you can do it all over again with Levy AR Lab Access, but this time everything is even more slick. Use a variety of cheap, flexible and temporary breakers to get through ice, then recycle them when necessary.

Cards to Mulligan For

Prepaid VoicePAD, Diesel or Quality Time, Self Modifying Code, any economy card

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

Always try to make sure that you have the ability to threaten Clot, either via a Self Modifying Code or a Clone Chip. However, be aware that Shipment from SanSan may mean that you have to play Clot after a single advance or even after the card has just been installed; late in the game you may even need to play it after the Corp’s mandatory draw. Try to be aggressive in checking remotes; the quickest way to lose this match is for your opponent to sneak an early Astroscript Pilot Program off the table while you’re not paying attention. You can’t afford to trash everything but you should look to get rid of key assets, though what those are may change from match to match. It’s possible for the Corp to be very low on credits, in which case targeting economy cards can be worthwhile, but generally speaking you’ll want to prioritise San San City Grids and Daily Business Show. If you can trash Cyberdex Virus Suite your Clot threat will be much harder for the Corp to deal with. Generally speaking most of the points you’ll score will come from The Maker’s Eye, so look to play that whenever an opportune moment appears, but if you can make it hard to score and remove the draw filtering cards HQ will often quickly become a good source of agendas. Above all, make sure that you’re drawing enough; it’s easy to be drawn in to the Corp’s game and spend every turn just checking new remotes and poking HQ, but to be successful you need to develop your own board state and keep drawing events that you can play. You also need to be careful with your credits; if you spend too many controlling the board the Corp will ask you to get through a Tollbooth to stop an agenda score or trash a SanSan City Grid. Above all, remember to keep four credits spare to steal NAPD Contract!