Medical Yomi - 2017 Store Championship 2018-02-25 (2W 2L)

Ozasuke 26

Placed 7th out of 10 overall. Only been playing for a month and a half. Looking forward to growing my collection and building upon this deck and future decks.

Built from the following limited collection: Revised Core Set (1x), Terminal Directive, Honor & Profit, Creation & Control, Daedalus Complex, Earth’s Scion, Blood and Water, Sovereign Sight, Down the White Nile, and 3x full art Snare!.

It’s an asset spamming style of Jinteki.

After the tournament, I realized that SSL Endorsement wasn’t doing a lot for me since my economy has been consistently very lucrative. I’ve since switched to Bacterial Programming for my 5/3 option until my card pool grows for better options.

28 Feb 2018 jaiza

Nasty deck ;). maybe itll be better if you change the celebrity gift for IPO, you give a lot of information with the gifts , and in a trap deck thats not very good. Ill give it a try,

28 Feb 2018 Ozasuke

Thanks! I hear ya on IPO. The deck is plenty lucrative, though, and Celebrity Gifts is actually used primarily as a yomi tool. For example:

1) Celebrity Gift > [Obokata, Fast Track, Mushin No Shin, Snare!].

2) Mushin No Shin > Cerebral Overwriter/Project Junebug/Gene Splicer/agenda.

I typically don’t Celebrity Gift my Punitive Counterstrike and no more than one total of my agendas and assets.

Where I really lost my games were the lack of punishment from stealing SSL Endorsement. After they steal SSL Endorsement, there’s not much I can do after they steal another or Obokata.

After switching to Bacterial Programming, I can now dig for 1 or both Punitive Counterstrikes. I also swapped out Gene Splicer... it’s too slow with little reward. I made room for 2x Neural EMPs and a Ronin.

Any ideas with improving upon this without going farther back than Mumbad? I plan on completing back to that cycle at the farthest in the next month or two.

28 Feb 2018 kmdinsmore

I have been playing a bit of Medtech lately (though a different, fast advance driven variaton) and I am curious how you deal with film critic? It seems pretty rough, though I could be missing something since I too am a newer player.

Also, would it be worth swapping 1 overwriter for an archive memories? It can be a 3 counterstrike or get back something else of utility in the late game.

28 Feb 2018 Ozasuke

Good point. Now that Film Critic is Restricted in MWL2.1, I'm not sure if I should be too worried about someone teching this in their deck. In a way, I feel Film Critic wouldn't severely impact this deck but make them feel braver in a way that I can punish.

I'm not going to be able to do much about Deep Data Mining except hope they run into at least one Snare!. With that out of the way, what I can do is continue to lay down new servers with one or two advancements (if not installed with Mushin No Shin). Film Critic may empower them to run those remote servers anyway.

Any remote server they run will either:

1) Give me money

2) Give them brain damage

3) Give them net damage

4) Give them net damage and 3 points

5) Give them 3 points and let me fish for Punitive Counterstrike(s) and/or anything else useful

What I'm thinking of changing is increasing the amount of ICE in my deck. In the long run, Punitive Counterstrike becomes worthless as their economy grows, and increasing the number of ICE will help soak up their credits. I don't know if I have many good options here right now, though. I'm looking for ideas if anyone has any!

28 Feb 2018 Ozasuke

I'm not sure about 1 Cerebral Overwriter for 1 Archive Memories. Cerebral Overwriter is a pretty big include for this deck, and I haven't felt like I needed to grab anything back from Archives, but I haven't been thinking about this during games, either. I'll keep this in mind!

28 Feb 2018 kmdinsmore

I think that some ice worth considering are: mind game, vanilla (neither of which is in the packs you listed unfortunately) and swordsman (which is in revised core).

Vanilla is just a cheaper gear check and against a lot of decks you can Mushin, vanila and score next turn which is great with SSL.

Mind game really has some entertaining plays like bouncing them to a a sever with a rezzed Komainu. Even more in the spirit of the yomi aspect of the deck, sending them to a double advanced face down card on a naked server. It is pretty satisfying to see them jack out, put a card at the bottom of the stack and then watch as you score the agenda next turn.

Finally, Swordsman is often great against decks that lean too heavily on Aumakua. I only play one, but it can set the runner really far back.

28 Feb 2018 Ozasuke

OMG I want Mind Game. That sounds AMAZING for the very reason you laid out.

A friend gave me 3x full art Swordsman. I may just slide that into the deck somehow and at least get something to chip away at their credits (and a deterrent against AI programs as a bonus).

Thanks for the feedback!

1 Mar 2018 kmdinsmore

Not a problem. If you keep playing this, I would be interested in any updates or insights you get as this is something of a pet ID for me.

1 Mar 2018 Maenalis

I would say drop Shipment from Kaguya for Back Channels