1st Place Switzerland Regional

munchli21 338

My Corp deck can be found here

This is my love! It's Maxx, it's fast, it doesn't really run if it doesn't need to. It's just plain old mean! You look for milling pieces. Whether it is gravedigger or CV just look out for it. Also, you want to have some econ pieces. If you really need to contest a remote, use Stimhack in the process so you get a counter on CV... At best with Titanium Ribs.

I know/guess this list will soon be illegal (like my last cool Maxx i posted who won UKs or Euros can't remember (not by me)) but it's fun to play. If you manage to get money and the mill train running it is super efficient. Not that easy to estimate when to do what but worth to play!

It's fun, it wins Regionals, it's motherfucking Maxx, the best ID ever!