Urban Brotech (SC Winner, 1st In Swiss)

greyfield 3908

Important Note: Since Down the White Nile isn't out yet on NRDB, this list isn't exactly what I played at the SC - I played two Bacterial Programming for a laugh. But you should play TFPs in those slots instead.

Urban Renewal plus The Brewery = six damage. Everything else is to serve that or make Obokatas unstealable.

On the day it went 3-1 in Swiss, beating two Leelas and an Adam and losing to Dhegdeer Ayla on the last possible access. In the cut it beat Smoke. All wins were either flatlines or concessions when winning became nigh-impossible.

Executive Boot Camp deserves a special defense as a one-pip wonder. It rezzes Hokusai and your small ice cheaper, it gets Urban, it shuffles away an Indexing, and it fetches a trap to punish Legwork.

Think of the deck like the spiritual cousin to Comrades Potatoes; it loses the grindiness of PU but drags the opponent through remotes more readily because of the pressure Urban exerts. My Smoke opponent had Feedback Filter turn 1 and still ended up decking because he couldn't afford to keep going through Kakugos etc.

Footage from the tournament: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SlgIOt-Yec (I'm easily identifiable from my watch and leather jacket, and also being the only Omar and Biotech)

10 Feb 2018 jm6064

Nice deck!

11 Mar 2018 NtscapeNavigator

Was sick of my HB deck falling over and came across this at 1am the night before the GNK event that was serving as store champs practice, I watched your matches on the video and sleeved it up. Went 3-1 (losing on time but the smoke player was all but exhausted and would of either died or got scored out had I had 5 more mins :/).

I shoehorned Anansi in my list for one of the dogs, but 4 8rez ice was a mistake, either way very fun list, I had a lot of fun running it.