Siphon Whizz - Team Unified Version (3-1)

Ebrey 248

In the Team Unified (3 players bringing decks made from one full playset), I figured most people would expect Crim to get all the siphons. I thought Hate Bear would be a nice way to surprise people, especially since there are some nice Geist builds that use 0 or 1 siphons. I gave sure gamble to a teammate and played dirty laundry instead. The only problem was I wasn't paying enough attention, and forgot that:

  1. Geist needs Same old Thing in case Levy gets stuck on the peddler
  2. My teammate's Dyper build was using 1 Faust.

So I had to replace a Faust and a SOT in my deck at the event, with cards from my Adam deck since that was the only runner deck on me. I settled on a daily casts and a councilman, and while the councilman was nice, I think eater would have been better than casts.

The loss was to a Gagarin deck, which was a poor matchup, and where I didn't draw any siphons or dirty laundries.