Worlds 5/2 Reality Plus

Dunsch 97

As I didn't had enough time to really get into some decks, I just reused my APAC RP with some slight changes. The main winning strategy is to fork the runner into a position of either dying by Neurspike or Boom. (Considering the small amount of either pieces makes either way really clumsy)

Even though I had more or less no experience in running this deck I only lost 2 Rounds out of a combination of bad gameplay, bad draw (only my opinion) and some really good snipes. I won the first two Rounds by scoring out (how). I lost round 3 and 4 as mentioned earlier. I killed the Runners in the last 3 Rounds.

As for the changes: No Consulting Visit: my personal experience is that it sits in hand when you don't need it and is nowhere to be seen when needed (I only used it once in 20 games) One less Seamless Launch we can use the Influence better at some points and when the kill is build up it often doesn't matter having this card. One less Hydra just to expensive and more small ICE does the job better. No more Turnpike Jua in front of an ETR with it's Subtype nowhere else rezzed can make some Bin Breakers really sad. More Code Gates you need at least a bit teck against Botulus and a non Barrier ETR. Funhouse is just good cause it fires your ability. And Mausolus is there for the centrals. Keegan Lane makes a lot of Runners sad if unlucky tagged. Public Trail will get thrown out was never needed cause nobody stays at one tag and needs to get tagged for Boom!

Feel free to use this deck for some rounds and change some cards around. Cheers!