Good Medtech

Bandura 300

The power of Caprice and Marcus combined with Medech perfect TFP-GFI agenda suite just begs to be played.

I believe it works best with all-operations money cards and taxing ICE like Assassin, Tollbooth, Eli 1.0, Pup etc. I did try Melange, but it feels way too slow. Crisium could have been a third Marcus, but I was happy with it in my meta.

I took it to a GNK tournament last Sunday, where I ended up placing third. I won all of my corporation games.

Here's a link to my runner deck: Turbo Stealth

Memorable matches of the day included:

Leela. I opened up with money and Assassin on HQ and my opponent went on to pick a GFI off R&D and bounced my only piece of ICE. Throughout the game, a double Assassin kept HQ safe, although I lost a second GFI to Sneakdoor. Enigma and two Pups ended up being sufficient on the scoring remote. 6-4

Apex. First half of the game, I am really short on ICE. I stonewall HQ with heavier ICE and Caprice and let some Pups and Yagura tax R&D runs. Two of them and later an Enigma fall prey to Preys. My psi powers were abysmal this time. Opponent trashed installed Caprice five times. So it was a long game. He was able to land a Siphon late in the game but the final psi games held him out and I scored a second agenda afterwards. 6-5

Hivemind Noise. It's a race really. Hades Shard took two milled GFIs from archives while I scored one TFP. By the time my opponent set up and made the big R&D run for the first time and saw 5 cards, there was already a second TFP on the table with two advancement counters. There were 2 TFPs among 12 remaining cards in R&D, he saw neither, and I won next turn. 6-4

Conclusion: this deck is awesome! Psi games involve a lot of luck of course, but in general the runner is on the receiving end of them. Lots and lots of tax combined with inherent runner disadvantage of having to almost always steal three agendas while the corporation needs to score just two, produces consistently good results.

6 Jan 2016 Shmeguy

Awesome this is so close to my deck. I went for pad campaigns and mental health clinics instead of the Medical research fundraisers though, and fit an ash because of the stupid money you accumulate. Also I found a single snatch and grab to be surprisingly effective in the deck, mostly to get rid of kati if they are racing you for money, or film critic, especially with a tfp on it, I can't explain how but that card is often mvp even though I would never include it in other decks.

6 Jan 2016 Bandura

I was thinking about Snatch and Grab, but decided to take Subliminal Messaging to the game instead. It did not do much though, so I will try Snatch and Grab next time for sure.

On Medical Research Fundraiser it is a funny story. It is like the worst money card compared to the others, right? So for some time i did not even think about it and had 3 Melange Mining Corp. in that slot. That was problematic, because spending full turns on Melange is too slow, and exposes you too much to ice destruction and multiaccess. I decided to maybe try an all-operations economy once for fun and boy did it work! I was quite surprised. Most of the time, the remote houses Jackson, you draw 3-5 cards per turn, which guarantees you one economy operation per turn and provides a sufficient flow of cards to ice up and score out.