Baby you're a fiiiiiiirework! Unbeatable deck (0-3 at CBI)

sebastiank 521

A week before the CBI, I was struggling to build a runner deck that could compete with the diverse field of corps. After discussing some with my friend MulganDragon, I went down a spiral of different decks and losses on jnet until I came up with this and started winning games. The thinking was, it had enough multiaccess to deal with sports and laughed at the ice of R+ and AgInfusion . The icebreaking rig of this deck is very similar to World Tree Wu decks. Why play this over that? There are some pros and cons.


  • No need to make successful runs for world tree triggers to install breakers. Spark of inspiration!

  • Final rig is scarier than that of tree wu. There are 2 k2cp instead of 1, afterimage so sentries are cheaper to break, and smoke+net mercur makes it very hard for the corp to tax your credits with ice.


  • Little to no control over when you install said breakers. Spark of inspiration ;(

  • No misdirection so if you don't have a credit lead once you actually start running you are in deep trouble

  • Still very vulnerable to early dragos into self growth program.

Testing the deck more intensely with MulganDragon and then Enkoder, who joined the jank team after playing against us on Jnet, we found that the sportsmetal matchup was nigh unwinnable, the aginfusion matchup was pretty good, and the r+ matchup was weird but bad- early dragos sucked for you, if you could set up in time you had a dominant mid game, but once the corp sets up their funhouses runs become taxing and stealing their agendas is such a large tempo hit that sooner or later you get hhned and, without misdirection, die.

On the day, I lost three games and then dropped. Enkoder brought a different version of the deck, one with conduit, but had the same result. R+ stuck a turn 2 or 3 drago in Round 1, and while I drew no free lunches to stave off death for a bit I couldn't diffuse the drago and eventually died. AgInfusion in round 2 was playing a more scoring version of the deck and scored out. Against the Outfit, I went very fast, expecting my opponent to be playing fast advance, but they were playing... reaper function? Snare? City Works? BROAD DAYLIGHT?? Long story short, I got grinded out by the outfit. The losses against ag and outfit involved some pretty severe piloting errors on my end.

As silly as it is after this largely downtrodden writeup, I still have faith in this deck. I think a build with more money and 3 pinhole/2 deuces and No nfls, like the hoshikos my unband teammates were on, can trash early dragos before set up and prevent nongames, while having deep dive to close out once the tide turns against you. Endurance may be worth trying, but drawing a card when playing spark of inspiration is so goddamn sexy.

3 Feb 2023 Mancini

I think I played versus a version of this deck on Jnet. I was running Outfit rigshooter with 2x Enforcing Loyalty if that rings a bell. Might I ask why you're running Top Hat and Insight instead of 2x Jailbreak? I would also recommend 3x Net Mercur because Smoke.

3 Feb 2023 Crowphie

I would be very interested in seeing the Azmari deck you brought alongside this!

3 Feb 2023 sebastiank

@Mancini Don't think I played against you. Tophat and insight were there as a cool way of getting better accesses that couldn't be stopped by aginfusion, and other times be combined with mad dash. Net mercur could be 2x, but drawing through the deck isn't a huge problem with aniccam and you don't run for a while so net mercur can wait. And hand clutter is very bad for the deck. The version of the deck I'd run going forward would only have deep dive as multiaccess and use extra slots from top hat/insight for telework.

@Crowphie I played pigeonfighter card for card except with public trail instead of hhn (idea stolen from baa ram wu). I tested Jua instead turnpike, bc it stuffs the world tree and has some minor applications against heap breakers, but reverted back bc it is worse in most situations and the ice positioning to make it matter against anarch was too tricky.

6 Feb 2023 Crowphie

Ah, sweet! We tried Public Trail a few times but ultimately it was too bad against No Free Lunch - I did like the 2x HHN, 1x Public Trail split as a nice hedge against Shaper specifically (where HHN gets stuffed by Misdirection but Public Trail might let you land a Self-Growth) but in other matchups you desperately want to see HHN early and dropping the 3rd copy felt too inconsistent (and it's hard to find #slots for 4 tag cards).