Swappy boi - 1st Aldershot regionals

Okkdoko 1119

This is the Mti list I came 1st with at Aldershot UK regionals (48 players), going 4-0 in swiss (W vs Wu x2, Val, Maxx) and 1-1 in the cut (W vs Maxx, L vs Gnat).

I really liked @TugtetguT original Mti list, Mumbad city grid was a really good include for these kind of decks. My only problem was the econ, since celebrity gift frequently did nothing by midgame when your hand gets whiped by Clan Vengeance. I replaced some of the expensive ICE since surveyor/tracker is more than enough, and weakness of your gearchecks vs turtle doesn't really matter as thimble can ensure you have big ICE on all servers. Stinson was a last minute include after using it in 1 testgame and promptly making 30+ creds with it. It just works so well with your taxing remote, and is unaffected by CV. Finally, fast track is a must include since scoring an early Nisei is how you win most games. With 8 agenda's you need some way of controlling the agenda flow and I found this by far the best solution.

Big thanks to all my opponents for some of the best games I had in a long time, and @rotage/@swiftie for running a smooth tournament.

12 Aug 2018 Elodius

You're my favorite Hugo !

12 Aug 2018 Elodius

Interpunction fail ! You're my favorite, Hugo !

12 Aug 2018 Slowriffs


13 Aug 2018 Cluster Fox

Nice. Belgians represent! :)

14 Aug 2018 Council

Have you considered [[Executive Search Firm]]?

Stinson on demand, as well as the ability to tutor up Batties and Rashidas can make it an amazing tutor. [[Economic Warfare]] also goes nicely with Stinson.

15 Aug 2018 Okkdoko

@DonLoverGate I'm not sure how I would fit ESF or econ warfare, since both slots and inf are pretty tight; only the marilyn campaign is somewhat flexible (and you can perhaps swap some ICE around). Stinson is a high variance card so while getting it to fire is a huge swing, I wouldn't dedicate more of my deck to making it work. The best way to make the runner poor with this deck is to force them to run the remote by IAA whatever you can, so warfare wouldn't be that good.