Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

gumonshoe 2973

This stronger together variant can snowball into a win. Its sort of like a classic Red Coats, leaning just on Ash. But with an extremely low agenda density suite.

Economy is a mix of operational & asset, but you will have to click for credits with this deck and if you're trying to figure out what to do that's probably the right thing since you aren't ETF.

Agendas are designed so that you hopefully only score 2x's. And any runs on centrals are going to cost the runner while they have a very narrow chance of getting points. Allowing you to capatilize on your ID ability.

Brain Taping isn't worth installing unless you're threatening something soon. It should be used as a click compression device where they either deal with it and spend money on the turn you're going to score an agenda, or they give you a massive discount so that you can recover.

And that brings us down to ice. If you've never played ST, then you should understand that this deck's biggest weakness is that you want to run bioroids. Bioroids, even eli are really shitty ice. That's hard to understand since we just saw Eli go in the MWL, but it is the truth. Eli is a shitty piece of ice that usually makes a gear check on the same server very very good. Bioroids are positional in nature, except that they suck no matter what's behind or ahead of them. This is because runners can just click through them. Getting a runner to pay to break them is the only way to deal with this in built weakness, and to do that you have to start from a position where you're down an ice. This is why typically, ETF decks just do better. They can afford to install ice deeper than any other corp deck on similar economies, and they catch up fast enough to actually rez a lot of that ice. ST has to make due without that, so it means importing some cheap binary ice. This deck probably wants 1 to 2 more pieces so that it can guarantee some early game, but you can probably deal.

This deck isn't good. This deck isn't bad. It's kind of middle of the road for a glacier deck. It can make things happen that are extraordinarily taxing for the wrong deck, but it also has weaknesses that a well positioned deck can easily exploit. If you feel like playing a long glacier game for a GNK, this deck is reasonable enough to give you a shot at winning.

17 Jan 2016 RubbishyUsername

How much work is the Wraparound doing? It feels like Crisium Grid would go well in this deck and you are a little tight on influence. Always good to see ST.

17 Jan 2016 gumonshoe

Binary I've are extremely important because they demand breakers.