[Startup] Big Scar-ry Wolf

zombiak 18

2nd place in Startup Tournament in Katowice, 3rd place at a Circuit Opener 2023H1 . A slightly modified version of https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/74456 by @DeeR Added a Botulus and two Cookbooks to support the virus suite, removed 2x Pinhole Threading, 1x No Free Lunch and 1xFinality to put a WAKE Implant in.

WAKE Implant+Finality lets you close out games often with a 7-card access; The Twinning would be an in-faction stand-in but it is tough to find credit-hosting cards to pump it. Also, WAKE can be pumped multiple times per turn, with Finality being the hail mary last click run; The Twinning is forcibly slower.

Still debating the usefulness of Raindrops Cut Stone in the deck - definitely depends on the match-up and whether your facecheck ends up being a simple ETR or something denying the card draw profit.