Running can be PAINFUL 2.0

ManeDorgan 14

21 Jul 2022 CF040786

Hey ManeDorgan!!! I love the tweaks. A lot of what you have done makes a ton of sense to me. When I drafted this deck, my thought process on the Archived Memories was to have recursion for the Border Control ice. So wild how the interaction between Wall to Wall works with this deck's concept. The polish you have put on this deck is truly something else. Thank you!!!

21 Jul 2022 ManeDorgan

Of course I’m glad to work through it! I didn’t even know the identity existed so I was excited to work with it! I decided to cut another archived memory and the tag upgrade to make room for a second bio vault and wall to wall. It lets the deck be a bit more crafty while still maintaining some recursion (now 5 ways to force end a run!) I appreciate your kind words!