No Shaper, I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in

Gilbod 191

Is this excessive? Yes.

World Tree is everywhere. The Doom Rig is an unstoppable force.

Or is it?

Enter Jua. It turns off World Tree. How? By not letting them install things after encountering it. One over key centrals is all you need, and to turn on the 6c tax ability.

I took a heavy glacier approach to this deck. You don't need to. Make a different better deck than my jank.

This one builds up slowly with Anson Rose and Ahket. You just need one or two fully advanced over centrals and they will build the other advanceable ICE or help you score agenda you left in the remote.

Always turn on your 6c tax ability before scoring or putting in assets. Use Crisium Grid to make it taxing on HQ, and occasionally on other centrals to turn off counter tech, like Pinhole Threading or Stargate.

No central will be perfectly safe, ever, but that's not the goal. It's to make it very taxing so that scoring windows are made and you get a chance to actually win. Red Planet Couriers helps close things out after you score two agendas.

Winchester also helps against World Tree because it likes having an assortment of programs, and hardware. Winchester hits all of these, but is not as good early game. Always put it over HQ and always double it up for value if possible.

Helheim Servers is a great surprise and use for extra Anson Rose cards or ICE you don't need or cannot rez. Put it where you need it for maximum surprise, often the remote, but don't double it up with Crisium Grid if you can help it.

22 Dec 2022 Diogene

Excellent calls with Jua! This is a good idea. Considering that the deck might be a touch slow, could Jinja City Grid be used, instead of Genotyping. This would saves credits and clicks, especially for a glacier archetype.

Thanks for sharing!

22 Dec 2022 Gilbod

The deck is super slow. I think I'll revise it but a Jinja varient might be a great take.

22 Dec 2022 Gilbod

Here's a deck that's all about tutor speed, not to win, or do something cool. Just install Jua faster.