SleeperTeam Moons - 3rd Place QLD Regionals 24.06.2017

xdfubar 29

Shell was TBB's Sleeper Hold which won me another SC earlier in the year. Gameplan is just standard moons, create critical mass, FA from hand and recur all the good stuff.

The deck only had 1 loss all day to a Magnum Maxx that got MO and 2 x Scrubbers down in his first two turns.

It beat Hayley, Val in swiss (1 first round bye). Beat 2 x Andy in top cut.
Unfortunately my two losses in top cut were both timed runner losses to eventual winner Sync so could not showcase its wares more.

2 x CG was a good include all day, not only stopping Vamp and Siphon plays but also blocking Temujin installs with AAL.

I've also tried a fun variant with: - SSCG, CST, 2xELP + HHN, BOOM!, EC, Archived memories.

12 Jul 2017 znsolomon

How do you beat clot?

12 Jul 2017 xdfubar

@znsolomon The idea of this deck isn't to just FA from hand the whole game although it can do that easily. It is at its core a rush/jammy HB (how I play it anyway).

Just be aware of the game state and the runner's board state. Just FA out and force the clot. The runner might be too poor, Clot might be in their hand, they might not want to dip low on credits, they might not even have clot.

If shaper SMCs a clot. Use AAL at the beginning of their turn to ice the agenda. Now they have to find another SMC, a CC, or hope that they have the right breaker in hand and just run it.

Also don't be afraid to just jam agendas in naked remotes. The idea is to go faster than the runner and overwhelm them with critical mass. I will happily install a GFI in a naked remote and leave it for the rest of the game until ready to score out.

You can legitimately install 4+ cards a turn once set up with Jeeves + FiHP + AAL. Even better if you recur high value targets like Team Sponsorship and CSM. The runner can't check them all, especially if ELP is out.

Scoring in this deck can even not be a tempo hit, since you just trigger TS and get even more Moon counters in search of the next score.

Remember, if you're jamming early, and the runner is checking all of your remotes, that means that their not developing their board state either.