Devil's Food Cake: 1st Place Undefeated MCL Store Champs

Ironcache 708

This won the Monster Comic Lounge Store Championship in Halifax, Canada

I had a long write-up done for this deck from the heart that was filled with witticisms. But when I went to upload it, NetrunnerDB asked me to log in, and I lost it. So screw it; you guys don't get to hear my bad jokes and how boring my wit really is.

It looks real shit at face value. However, it carried a legitimately-shit Biotech deck (link) through the tournament, going undefeated in the process. Both decks were strictly up to D&D, while the competition was using Kala Ghoda.

The deck functions based on the stupid credit efficiency of the imported breakers: ABR, Endless Hunger, and Faust. Combined, they cost 3 credits to install. Once E3 hits the table, it is the only thing you will be using credits on to get through servers with.

It churns through cards though. The Levy is mandatory, and it almost wants more of them. The Harbingers also are important for giving EH lasting presence.

If you do want to change up the influence, I'd remove extra copies of EH and/or Faust. Good includes would be Maker's Eye (would easily be my first change), and Desperado in place of Doppelganger.

Swapping the ID is also an option; this deck isn't firm on Ken, but his 17 influence helps it, and his ability (with this implementation) makes ABR's downside more manageable.

That's the abridged write-up. Looking at it now, it's probably for the best that the extended one got killed (but I reserve the right to remain bitter about it).

7 Feb 2016 Lorgar

Grats, really an interesting build! Did you use Doppelgänger's ability often? Have you thought about other options? Maybe a Logos is worth a try to get the things you want. Does the deck work with one than one Drug Dealer installed or is it mainly fooder for the EH?

8 Feb 2016 Ironcache

This deck runs from broke start of turn pretty often (because of ABR + Dealers), so being able to start off with a Dirty Laundry -> Security Testing run before going after the server you're interested in the same click was useful.

That said, Box-E is an interesting idea. It would allow you to slot a Sentry breaker (Swordsman is a pain for this deck), and the increased hand size is Faust Fodder and further damage protection. I'd try that direction over Lagos

Having 3x dealer on the table is not a problem for this deck (situation-dependent). You rarely desire more money with this deck. Going in broke with EH + Faust on the board and a handful of cards gets you in in most circumstances. If not, Kati/ST to get support from your E3, and you're golden.

8 Feb 2016 GreatDantone

Tried a few games with the deck and it's very nice. What's your plan against scorched though?

8 Feb 2016 Ironcache

The deck is very good at pressure because of the cheap entry costs. Keep economic pressure on with AS/ES, and HQ/R&D pressure to prevent the 24/7. I also normally rifle through the deck for Drug Dealers. Once you have 3 dealers on the table, you can have 8 cards at the start of the corps turn.

That said, in my meta 24/7 kill decks aren't rampant. If they are, then, as @Lorgar suggested, I'd try swapping the console for Box-E; then you only need 1 dealer to hit the table before you're safe from the double.

8 Feb 2016 Ironcache

To clarify; I rifle for the first dealer, and then bad habits have a way of accumulating. If I was playing against kill, I might dig more aggressively for the other dealers, but I feel like keeping pressure on and letting your dealers find each other is a better way to keep kill locked down than shotgunning through the deck.

8 Feb 2016 GreatDantone

@Ironcache Thanks! I'll try that

8 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

You can't call it devils food cake without Adjusted Chronotype. Deck name is blasphemy.

Would also like to know how many players showed up. :/

This deck...

8 Feb 2016 Sotomatic

As I understand it, there was 7 people at this SC.

8 Feb 2016 Sotomatic


8 Feb 2016 Ironcache

Yes it was 7; a small turnout. I had it wrote in the initial write-up that got axed. Also, something else that got axed from my initial write up is that I'm not a very active player anymore; it's the reason I don't have Kala Ghoda (I'm actually trying to sell my collection).

All that said, this deck has yet to drop a game for me. Period. Again, I'm not very active, so my only testing is a few local game nights and the tournament. But I would recommend trying it before casting judgement on it. I have played it against current top tier decks, piloted by decent players, and won with it. The deck performs well, even with room for improvements (as discussed in the write up and comments).

8 Feb 2016 PaxCecilia

The worst thing about this deck is how stupid it looks on paper. As corp I start every game laughing at the influence usage and end every game wishing he'd play a 'real deck'. It's very easy to laugh this off at a glance, but it's frustratingly punishing to play against this.

11 Feb 2016 Somberbrero

It is very rare that I feel the need to comment on a nrdb decklist, but after playing this several times I feel like I should.

I wanted a second 'fun' deck to play when I got bored of the Noise deck I'm tuning up. I saw your build and it intrigued me. Normally when I deckbuild I keep all the sensible decisions and then mess with the stew, but since nothing is sensible here I didn't make any changes.

Man, I'm 3-0 against NEH. Normally that's a matchup that I assume I will probably lose just when I sit down the table, but holy moley. I desperately want to make room for Desperado, but you know what? It's actually not necessary. This deck works well. Thanks for the submission!

12 Feb 2016 WisdomDecision

Just like everyone else, I had to play this weird thing after my friend was telling me how OP it felt to him.

After a few games I am starting to agree. I would easily bet this will become a new archetype, whether it is with Ken or not.

The econ feels clunky until you get used to it, and I am sure the package isnt as tight as it could be... But in any event even even with a not fully optimal build this deck is a force to be wreckon'd with!

After playing it few times tho, my only real concern is that there are not enough E3 feedback implants. They are fairly crucial for getting through multi-sub ice without totally draining you, and multiples are not bad. (being able to laugh off spiderwebs felt good) Also, Security testing felt like the best econ card in the deck, esp with doppleganger, so I think that should probably go up to 3 also. The Sec Testing is even better in multiples also, making a higher count even better.

Those are my thoughts only though! Anyone else be tinkering?

12 Feb 2016 Ironcache

@Somberbrero this is the first deck I've ever published. I normally make shitty janky decks that nobody should ever play with our against. But after the first couple plays with this one, I knew I was on to something, and the community would probably want to see. Glad you like it!

@WisdomDecision your feedback is fair and I agree with your assessment. Both e3 and ST can be used as Faust fodder if you don't need them, or even EH fodder.

I think, when you distill this deck, the theme is to attempt to make very cheap accesses and capitalize greatly on them. For this purpose, Faust and EH are both indispensable, and I'm thinking ABR might be a weak link. My next iteration is going to be in Andy with ABR removed in favor of Zu + Creeper, and some link boost to make them zero memory (probably access). Losing the "Oh Shit Button" that is ABR is not great, but Turing and Swordsman are too much of a pain for this deck as implemented.

I agree it is sub optimal and has room for improvement as listed, but that's part of what makes this deck actually interesting; even in a sub optimal build, it is a strong competitor.

12 Feb 2016 WisdomDecision

@Ironcache I am glad you agree with me. However I just realized that I was wrong on one point!!

E3 Implants trigger on themselves! So even with a single implant installed you can still, say, break a single ETR on spiderwebs with one of your breakers, and with only a single E3, you can pay 2 creds to break the remaining two! I was under the impression that you needed two out to break 2 extra subs. This makes the third E3 not entirely necessary, unless for consistency of getting them. At this point, I am going to try replacing one of the E3's with express delivery, to dig for any of the pieces you still need.

And you may be right about the ABR. however it pulled me out of some pretty sticky situations a couple times, so it would be sad to see it go.

Though I feel like it may mess with the build a bit, Zu and Creeper seem like good counters to the need for memory around Endless. I cant help but feel that trying to add link into the deck may cause some problems though. Also, with a deck that is so money light, the 5C cost for creeper may be a bit steep. Either way I am sure it is worth a try though!

I must commend you though sir! If this was your creation completely, then I think you may become the creator of a whole new criminal archetype!

There are a store champs here in Vancouver this Saturday. If this deck keeps up its undefeated record for me, I will most certainly be bringing to the tournament. I will let ya'll know how it goes!!

All the best! Never stop running!

15 Feb 2016 Marmalade87

@Ironcache What's the plan vs fast advance? With the little income are you running and trashing the SanSan City Grid or using Drive By to thwart their plan? I can't help but think without any multi access other than Legwork you're playing a similar game to Apex. Otherwise I love its efficiancy.

3 Mar 2016 DJP

Great deck. Love it. I am going to borrow it and smash some guys in my local meta

22 Mar 2016 Eldil

I've been running this deck, and it's so much damn fun. Thanks for sharing the design; I've always wanted to play an Express deck and this one is great. The pressure you can place on the corp with no credits is crazy.

And thematically, this deck is a kick. Ken has mapped bioroid protocols onto his brain which are compelling him to run. He's dirt poor, addicted to drugs, and he's slotting some bizarre, monstrous breakers that are eating him from the inside out. His existence is a neon blur, stumbling from one public terminal to the next, running every kind of hack, scam and inside job he can manage just to stay one step ahead of the corp.

He upgraded his eyes, so he can see what's coming.

"Try to keep up," Ken says, as he hurtles towards his own doom.

22 Mar 2016 Ironcache

Sorry I'm a little late getting onto comments here.

@Marmalade87 with respect to FA, this deck plays very aggressive. You are constantly pressuring their hand and deck. Also, despite being light on income, the deck also has an extremely cheap rig, and extremely cheap (credit-wise) breaks. When you're broke, you don't feel broke, and, with so few things to invest credits into, scrounging up 5 to trash a San San (if you can't get it with a drive by) is not difficult.

@DJP @Eldil thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoy the deck. Always be hungry!

22 Mar 2016 Ironcache

One change I would definitely make is to get a maker's eye in the deck (which I brushed on in the description). Would probably have to cut 1x Faust or 1x EH. I think I'd lean towards Faust.