Upgrade: Region • Rez: 6 • Trash: 5 • Influence: 3

The advancement requirement of agendas installed in this server is lowered by 1.

Limit 1 region per server.

"I hear the coast is nice this time of year."
"If you're in the right business, it's nice all the year."
NBN • Ed Mattinian • Core Set 92
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SanSan City Grid
MWL Entries
  • NAPD MWL 1.2: 1 Universal Influence
  • NAPD MWL 1.1: 1 Universal Influence
  • NAPD MWL 1.0: 1 Universal Influence
  • NAPD Most Wanted List - Level 1: Each copy of this card costs 1 universal influence, which is separate & in addition to the normal printed influence, and counts against all Identities influence limits, even those in the same faction. [MWL v1.2]


SanSan City Grid... Core Set, Splashable, and the heart of both NEH FA, and HB FA, along with Biotic labour. And yes, they are comparable. Biotic Labour: 7 credits and 1 turn to score 3 advancement agenda in . SanSan: 8 credits and 1 turn to score 3 advancement agenda. So SanSan is worse... except it isn't. It has a lower influence cost, and can be used more than once, allowing you to FA multiple agendas in a server, countering the strategy people use for Biotic Labour - R&D lock. With SanSan City Grid, you don't need to protect R&D as much, leaving more ICE on Anti-Account Siphon duty.

"But it's an asset", I hear you cry, "It can be trashed." But is it being an asset negative. Sure, it can be trashed, and the the runner is down 6c, and your scoring server is now impenetrable. The solutions for dealing with Biotics still work on it, but SanSan can cause the runner to drop everything to trash it, overreacting to an expensive, but effective, card.

Overall, SanSan City Grid is an Autoinclude in an NBN FA deck, a probable include in other FA decks, and a decent all-round card for use in FA, making it one of the easier deck-building choices.

(Breaker Bay era)
As an upgrade it also requires advanced set up, but does not require that you have space in your hand while waiting to use it. With Clot and Traffic Jam in play now, it is not the silver bullet it once was, but neither is a complete answer to this either. —

This is one of the worst cards every printed. It's incredibly expensive, and the economic benefit it gives you simply isn't good enough to compensate. This card saves you 1 per agenda you score. Let's assume you're mostly scoring 2-pointers. Then you need 4 agendas to win, so this card saves you at most 4 over the course of a game. Well, you paid 6 to rez it in the first place, so you used a click to throw 2 directly into the trash. This card is simply a trap for new players who like the color blue.

(The Underway era)
Fuck off troll. —
Anyone reading these troll reviews, please upvote the other, genuine reviews for these cards, to help bury the troll reviews. —
This Card isnt play for saving credits. It is played to score 3 Point agendas in one turn. —
While this review is mostly on point, you are forgetting the often ignored Android: Netrunner card Haas-Bioroid: Engineering The Future. The pure value from that identity turns SanSan into one of the best econ cards in the game. —
After reading the above comment...I honestly feel like you're messing with us. —