Lady and the Indexing. 3rd at FB3 Manchester SC

steffmonkey 193

Did the dream of Sweep, Sweep, ID, ID, ID into the cut.

Hoshiko Went 2-0 in Swiss beating RP twice, and 0-2 in the cut losing to Sports twice.

Based on Swiftie's Lady and the Vamp build. Swapped a couple of Bravados for Indexing and put the two Imps back in (which Swiftie swapped for the Vamps at the time). managed to squeeze in two Hippos too cutting a Dreamnet and a Gachapon. Felt good though needs another Stimhack probably.

Thanks to my opponents manveruppd, anarchomushroom, rotage, and Thorn. and to Quarkbutter for running the tourney :)