Spags-shop - 3-0 at 16 player GNK

Epimer 176

Standard NEH bullshit. You know the deal by now. 3-0 at a 16 player GNK, just by doing what NEH does.

No Archangel because I'm a scrub and have never found myself in a situation where I'd prefer having it to a nice, solid Enigma to stop me from losing on centrals or rushing an Astro (yeah, ok, maybe not happening nowadays, but I can dream).

The Grim is a nice surprise for people relying on Mimic to protect their AI breaker from the Swordsman. You won't ever land them both in one run, but it keeps them at bay for a few turns, and a few turns is all you need.

The one of SfSS did nothing all day but was sometimes useful in testing. It could easily be another piece of ice or something.

Wall of Static over the third Wraparound to hose people leaning on D4. At least, that was the plan. Never rezzed it. Didn't need to.

16 Feb 2016 sruman

Thanks for posting. Which factions did you face off against? Any shapers with significant clot tutor/recursion? If so, how did that go?

16 Feb 2016 Epimer

First round was a Sunny deck that was typically all in on link and drip economy - far too slow for this. Second round was, I think, Stealth Andy (Refractor, anyway). The gear check ice was a big help here, so I didn't have to worry about centrals. Third round was Apocalypse/Siphon/Keyhole MaxX.

So no significant Clot recursion. For what it's worth, with all the drawing you do I had near-constant access to at least one Cyberdex, especially if a Team Sponsorship stuck. That said, dedicated Clot recursion is clearly the best counter for the deck, along with aggressive Medium digging. Thankfully Cyberdex helps with that too.