Scamshop 4 - 1st at Sheffield SC

RotomAppliance 2485

This is my first stab at an updated Nexus 419 list, using Downfall cards. Crims only got stronger with the new pack, and with Buhkgalter saving a pip of influence on Nanotk, I started looking for a better use for the spare influence than the previous Build Script and Makers Eye. I think Engolo is a good choice for this deck, which can easily spare the MU, and appreciates Engolo's ability to get you back in after a purge. It also adds another card you can find early to beat early rushes, which can occasionally get the better of you.

The Class Act is excellent as everyone knows, and helps dig past your spare copies of Citadel/Turtle/Nexus etc to find key pieces more quickly. Blueberry Diesel provides free draw and is nice to see in the opening hand, but should probably only have been 1 copy, with 2 copies of the Class Act. Buhkgalter is an auto include in any Crim deck, and is good at dealing with Anansi, which this deck hates.

Baklan Bochkin is a consideration for this list, playing well with the drip denial of the ID and Corporate Grant, while giving you a tag that's free or profitable to remove, but in the end was cut. As usual with this deck, you want cards that help you setup faster more than cards that are good when you're setup, and Baklan isn't great to see in the opening hand. Future iterations might see him put back in.

The deck went 5-0 on the day, beating Rushy Sports, Acme, Blue Sun and the same grindy Palana deck twice. It felt like the stronger of my two decks.

25 Mar 2019 moistloaf

honestly, fawk this deck. cant wait for rotation. no offense to you, grats on your win!