Darkside Maxx

CritHitd20 4077

Be rude, be flexible. There's no strict game plan; just keep the Corp poor, take them apart with whatever tool most punishes them, then after you've gone through the whole deck recur those tools an inappropriate amount of times with the flexibility of Labor Rights and Same Old Thing.

Rebirth into Quetzal if they are playing with ice, Rebirth into Freedom if they are playing with assets. Yusuf is incredible with both of these IDs for saving money and I honestly prefer it to Paperclip for what this deck is doing.

I took a much worse version of this deck to an event and went undefeated as did bluehg so it can't be that bad; try it out and watch your friends disappear.

4 Sep 2019 zmb

It seems a bit weak to purge with no "normal" fracter. How do you handle that?

4 Sep 2019 CritHitd20

It's not actually weak to that scenario. They need to have 2 barrier etr subs on every server and manage to rez them all through the Apocs and Doofs and whatnot, and none of those etrs can come from Eli Vanilla or IP Block. You're pretty reliably intending to Rebirth into Quetzal, so just keep running all the time.

7 Sep 2019 Kikai

This list looks great fun to play!

How useful is Mining Accident? I've always thought it was less relevant outside of Val.

7 Sep 2019 CritHitd20

I like it a lot personally. Bad pub is really good for any deck hoping to run multiple times a turn, and if they choose to pay 5 it feeds into the deck's goal of econ denial anyways. It really depends on what meta you expect though, other anti rush cards might make more sense if your meta is a lot of Argus/Outfit.