Taggy Blue Sun - 2nd place NISEI Core experience 2019

CaptainMark 181

This is the deck I played (and built! My first one XD) on the NISEI Core experience 2019 online tournament, carrying me to a 2nd place.

As you can see, the influence choice is all yellow. At first I thought about building a pretty regular BS, but then I thought that with atlas tokens I could maximize the tag punishment, which could go under the radar for some runners, although it effectively deny your econ. I used SEA source for trashing econ resources (and hotels) a lot, or to use closed accounts and install an agenda after that. BS ability to make money with the ICE through his ability, specially after an Oversight AI, allows to do this kind of plays without fear.

Regarding the kill, I think I flatlined twice all along the tournament, and @Spags was about to be flatlined as well in the finals, but he won first xD. I think it's nice to have those cards in the deck, as you can easily setup win/win situations where you score a Priority Requisition or kill the runner. Again, Atlas tokens are key here.

The tournament was very fun to play, everything was very 2013 Netrunner. I usually don't move my ass outside regular formats, and I'm very glad I played here, even considering to organize a System Core GNK in Barcelona. So, again, thanks NISEI! You're Awesome!

6 Feb 2019 NtscapeNavigator

It's fine, I'm glad you had fun.

This is such a spicy list too, the trap you set up for spags at the end was :ok-hand:, just a shame he sniped, bounced, sniped to close out the game.