Five stages of grief with adam. Tampere Beginners GNK 0-3

aksu 130

This deck was played in a beginner friendly tournament. So I thought it would be a good time to bring one of the IDs I used to play when I started the game couple of months ago.

  1. Denial - During testing this deck online and at Helsinki weeklies i seemed at least decent. It got a scrappy head start and kept the corp down with early pressure. Just a game plan that I personally enjoy. Sure most of the games got down to incredibly lucky swings but if I just keep my head clear and play solid it will work.

  2. Anger - First game was against Outfit where I got a good start but the economy faltered and I got market force > HHN > boomed. "What was I thinking trashing my engolo to SDS drones." "Its not fair that I did not draw any breakers after that" "How can this happen to me?"

  3. Bargaining - Second game was against Acme. I got taxed out with data ward and other tough ice. Game got to timeout right after my opponent nicely bluffed a 2/3 as a NGO front. "Maybe I can avoid not losing my credits if I try to focus more on finding my paperclips first", "I just need couple of lucky breaks with stargate runs".

  4. Depression - Last game was against CTM. Foolishly I picked Always be running to be able to check remote servers in case of AR-Enhanced Security. Completely forgetting that I cant even play Peace in our time anymore with the need to run first click. After the early game scraping I managed to gather 6 points. But CTM player got their economy together with assets that I really could not afford to break. "Why did I even think about bringing Adam". "Whats the point of trying to play Adam". "I miss padtap and rezeki".

  5. Acceptance - During the train ride home I salty posted a bit in Finnish NR discord and got to thinking. Adam has serious problems. Economy almost always falters at some point. He really cant support running boat without including 5 other cards to support getting it online. But does that really matter? I'll still play him and have fun in casual games. And maybe future will be bright and Adam will get his last voyage after parhelion drops.

(story is bit exaggerated at some points).

Thanks to everyone in Tampere for being there to play one of the sickest games!