ShaperIsBad (12th at EA Continentals)

CritHitd20 5834

why does nobody want to play the strongest faction in the meta

Went 6-1 at Euro/Africa Continentals, beating 2 RLC Titan, Lakshmi Asa, Spombo Asa, Mushin PE, and GameNET before losing to a particularly explosive Outfit start. Some of Comrades played this deck with 2 Apocs because none of us like the all 5/3 glacier decks, but I just added a Kati and that appeared to be enough for me.

The only thing this deck can't do is convince people that shaper is competitive in this meta.

2 Aug 2020 swan

I'm so happy to have made a decklist writeup, instant fav for that.

2 Aug 2020 NtscapeNavigator

LMAO Greg.

2 Aug 2020 Cpt_nice

Shaper bad, Hayley good

3 Aug 2020 Watzlav

Shaper's OK if you sell all the trash cards for 3.

3 Aug 2020 Havvy

My first mention in a write up, I'm honoured :) it was good to play against you in the tournament

8 Aug 2020 triorph

it me

10 Aug 2020 valerian32

For a noob, how thas Hyperdriver work in this deck? Is it worth it? do you install it with SMC?

10 Aug 2020 CritHitd20

Both Hyperdriver and Diesel are reactions to the current meta rewarding very fast Corp play. Shaper is good at punishing rush thanks to SMC, but you need to draw it really quickly, and often need a Stimhack to afford to install and use your Engolo quickly. Hyperdriver is a concession to the need for quick setup, and so while it isn't always usable it helps a lot when you are missing the cards you need to contest early scoring windows.

Hyperdriver is used in this deck as "card draw". It synergizes with Professional Contacts, which already doubles the value of a basic click action once installed, so you can use the cards together to generate a lot of economy quickly. If you haven't gotten that yet then Hyperdriver is much lower value, but it is still a net positive should you need it to draw 3 because you are missing an economy card like Aesop or your SMC/Stimhack. If you have your econ engine and dont have the spare MU for Hyperdriver I would just discard it, since its function is no longer needed.

In general your SMCs are very valuable in this meta, so I wouldn't use one to find a Hyperdeiver unless I was willing to trade 3c for 3 draw, which means if you are losing by a significant margin. Notable exceptions are if you need the clicks to safely steal an Obokata Protocol/City Works Project or need to recover from a Hard-Hitting News + False Lead/Load Testing turn. These are rare exceptions and I would evaluate if I can live without tutoring Hyperdriver before making that decision.

10 Aug 2020 valerian32

Thanks a lot! = D