Lay Upon this MWL Legal Roundish bed

lightburied 30

This is (as the name may suggest) a reworked version of the Geist deck "Lay Upon My Roundish Bed." I remember playing that extensively upon Geist's release, and it was a blast. However, MWL hit. Now 3 Clone Chips are tricky to slot in with the Off-Campus Apartment style that deck used. The answer was to ditch the apartments. Rent was a little expensive, I suppose. But that's ok, because Geist found some Tech Traders to make those payments.

B&E breakers supplemented with some standard breakers to supplement strength and make sure you can get in. Mongoose has been interesting. It won't replace Femme Fatale anytime soon, but being able to bust Komainu cheaper is pretty sweet. If anything else, e3 Feedback Implants can make sure you get past Archers.

Burst economy is this deck's main weak point. Sure, you get the drip set up and you're good to go, but that takes time and money you often don't have. Drive By can be of use to prevent the corp from gaining too much of an edge, but I'm still clicking for creds more often than I'd like.

I don't intend this to be a competitive deck, but its fun for a friendly match here and there. Any suggestions to improve are appreciated.