Tech Trader

Tech Trader 1[credit]

Resource: Connection
Influence: 1

Whenever you use a [trash] ability, gain 1[credit].

"Why would you dispose of perfectly good evidence when you can sell it?"
Illustrated by Vicky Sio
Decklists with this card

Business First (bf)

#23 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Is the the card that makes the Tech Lord actually playable?? This is the tool that the underplayed criminal identity has been searching for. With the suite of trash-able icebreakers, and with the abundance of resources that have trash effects it makes this a card that might see play. What geist has been missing is something to give is trash ability more incentive, and more leverage in the early and mid game, which are his weakest points. While this card does help with his ability, he is still in need of a very good and solid early game card with a trash-able ability to really make Geist playable. As far as Tech Trader is concerned, this card is very good in my eyes for Geist, however probably won't see much else play in competitive decks right now. This could change if we were to see much stronger cards with the trash-able ability in the future.

(Business First era)
How about Wasteland ? It's match with Geist and tech trader. —

This card makes Geist mid-tear. Would this card make or break a game? No with Geist it's about set up. Now you can scout with the trash breakers and gain creds that way but in the late game with a full rig this card makes money Geist needs.

(Fear the Masses era)