The Food Pyramid

bionicsheep 1367

Basic good stuff Palana Foods glacier, still very strong though.

Play tips:

  • I've seen several players accidentally deck themselves with Agroplex. Use it sparingly, and beward of Fisk Investment Seminar against criminal. You only ever want one running at a time, max, and consider installing over it when it becomes a burden.
  • Ice heavy and ice often. You are almost always getting a free credit every round, if not every turn when you have Agroplex running. Use that money for mischief.
  • Marcus Batty to trash the sentry breaker on approach to an Ichi / Assassin. This kills Criminal decks dead.
  • Marcus Batty on approach if they are going for a cutlery event. This kills the Dumblefork.
  • Ashigaru on R&D. This kills the Lady, and most shaper decks with it.

I would also consider dropping Global Food for 2x Future Perfect and using the influence for another Tollbooth / Eli / Ichi; both are good options. Money is usually tight but not problematic, since Ash / Caprice / Batty require very little to be effective, although I haven't played against a lot of good criminal decks. Ice makeup is flexible and meta-dependent, but I do like having as much as I do. Would consider dropping a few pieces for some more econ - possibly subliminal messaging?

19 Mar 2016 Oneiro

You have way too much ice and not nearly enough economy in there. Considering the fact that you draw pretty fast with aggroplex you will almost always find enough strong ice to save your centrals and one remote. I would go down to 16 ice and look for some economy. I like to use restructure and sweeps week because of the obvious synergy with the palanas ability.

19 Mar 2016 TKO
19 Mar 2016 TKO

well not foundry. it doesn't need much with the tutoring. don't know what I was thinking there.