Jinteki PunchOut v1 [Core x1] [WLA] [TA]

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Mesquite 4

Sets Used: [Core Set x1] [What Lies Ahead] [Trace Amount]

First attempt at a Jinteki deck using [WLA] and [TA]. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

Notes: This is mostly about doing damage. Snare! is the only card that can apply tags so we are not focusing any other cards on tag effects.

The agendas are either really useful to us, or painful to the runner.

The ice is not great, but I think Jinteki has some of the worst ice so far in these three sets and I did not want to use all of my influence to get a Hadrian's Wall or Archer or Heimdall 1.0 or something similarly beefy. The plan is to use Red Herrings and SanSan City Grid to make it nearly impossible for the Runner to stop you from scoring (with a few ice on that server to make it cost even more to get to the server). The Snare! should similarly protect your HQ, meaning you really only have to worry about guarding your R&D and a single remote server.

Project Junebug will likely only work once, but you can place any other copies in a naked server and advance them, then use Trick of Light to help you score your real agendas.

The Archived Memories is more or less a desperation card to hold in your HQ in case a runner-winning agenda falls into Archives or one of your more important cards gets trashed at a bad time (Red Herrings or SanSan City Grid are probably the best targets for this).

Possible Changes: I'm considering swapping the one TMI for an Ice Wall as that can work with Trick of Light as well.