Pālanā fears no Whizzard v0.0.2

PsymonTheWizard 268

ICE I've build my ice suit to be taxing for the faust + D4v1d breaker suit. The tech of the deck is to make the runner pass through a piece of Grail ice two or three times in order to reach a server using Mumbad City Grid. From my understanding if you make the runner encounter 2 or 3 times the same piece of Grail ice then that piece of Ice will have 3, 5 and 7 subs, something rather expensive and potentially lethal, especially if you pair it with a Caprice Nisei and/or a Marcus Batty.

Economy. I rely on my ID ability and the 9 Operations. Right now they seem to be able to fuel my economy. This is mostly a reaction to the Whizzard meta that is popular right now and I try to give him as little targets as possible.

Agendas I decided to have only 2 point agendas. This means that the runner will always have to score 4 of them in order to win. The same goes to me but I don't have a problem with that, the runner is the one that has to pay for every run they make ;). With the inclusion of both NAPD and Fetal I'm making it very expensive for them to score.

Cards that I'd like to include Cerebral Static has become better in my mind. Right now runners rely more on their abilities than when Kate and Andromeda were a thing, naturally I'd like to punish that :P Interns Parasite is a thing and it kills half of my ice rather easily, Interns would help keeping my ice as a threat longer. Chronos Project is a good agenda these days considering that 3 out of 4 decks rely on Levy to stay around for the long game.

Critique is always welcome :)

22 Mar 2016 DrMarodi

Global Food Initiative seems better here, than NAPD. With a potential 5/3 your tempo will be better. You can bluff it out a FetalAI also. The biggest downside of NAPD is the amount of bad publicity there is around right now... Not to mention Film Critic.

22 Mar 2016 PsymonTheWizard

Indeed you are correct. I'll try it out with Global Food Initiative and see how it goes.

22 Mar 2016 DrMarodi

Otherwise I forgot to mention that it seems like a pretty solid build. I will try to give it a spin... I searching for a good first deck for my Palana experience.

27 Mar 2016 PsymonTheWizard

So I changed the NAPD with global food and an extra marcus batty and I actually won a store championship with it :P WOOT!

28 Mar 2016 DrMarodi

Nicely done! Congrats!