The 2-Armed Ice Feast - 1st at Store Champs GothCon

fredrikc 134

This deck went 4/5 wins at our Store Champs with 20 participants. The Corp deck was

Based on two armed ice feast with a Hades shard to threaten CI with, it is not tutorable so probably not worth the influence and I did not end up meeting any CI at all. The deck is still a beast and the imps did heavy work during the day trashing biotics, economy and ice from HQ/R&D.

27 Mar 2016 romanoSoprano

You could maybe change that to Utopia Shard and then drop Plascrete Carapace as you'd have 3 ways to fight kills decks - IHW, Imp, Utopia. While not as good as Hades or Eden, I believe Utopia also does some work against CI?

27 Mar 2016 fredrikc

@romanoSoprano It is an interesting thought, I will try it and return with an evaluation if I get enough matches vs CI.