The 2-Armed Ice Feast (1st Place Undefeated Mead Hall Store

TheBigBoy 8934

Unlike my janky NEH deck (which you can see here: this deck is absolutely incredible. In testing online and in person it pretty much never lost, pushing at least a 95% win-rate. Between the Mead Hall Weekly League and this tournament the deck is 22-0 in the last 6 weeks. It carried me to 1st in a field of 48.

This deck is the runner-advantage incarnate. I have no idea how to beat it. It has Clone Chip Parasite, Faust, Wyldside, Turntable, Meat Damage Protection, Levy, double Medium, asset hate from turn 1, and a critical mass of cutlery events. It cuts no corners and has no bad match-ups. When I start the game with Econ + Wyldside on turn 1, the game is never ever close, but I also win many games never drawing Wyldside at all.

To learn about this style, and the initial build of the deck, check out my blog post about it (From December 25, so everyone knows I was doing this crap before it was cool :P)

This deck went 5-0 in swiss and 2-0 in the cut. In one game my opponent got to 6 points. The rest were blowouts.


Round 1: HB EtF with SanSans, Biotics and NEXT (7-2) I killed all his NEXT silvers, trashed all his Assets, and then dug R&D with Medium.

Round 2: IG Museum Mushin kill (7-0) I trashed all his assets, ate his damage when I had IHW in hand, and got 7 points in about 5 minutes. He never had more than 5 credits.

Round 3: NEH Butchershop (with 3 restructure and very little ICE) I drew 2 Liberated Accounts and got rich, but he used a really early Breaking News to trash my Wyldside. I stole a Beale and he could go to 0 credits to give me 2 tags, but chose not to. He got a Breaking news Install-Advanced that I could not take without floating a tag or getting Midseasoned, so I had to let him have it. He Scorched into 2 I've Had Worse, which drew me my 3rd I've Had Worse and my Plascrete. The game was pretty easy to win from there with Medium.

Round 4: Spark Rush (7-6) This was a scary game. He got an Astro out behind Pop-Up Datapike which was a 4-credit hit for me when I checked it. He got ahead 4-0 after FAing another Astro. I still had no Wyldside, but was able to blow up his R&D server with Parasites and dig with Medium turntable, stealing his Astro Counter. I was super broke all game, but he couldn't keep me out. All he could do while I dug was get an NAPD scored that was I not interested in (and had no hope of getting).

Round 5: RP with all the Faust tech (7-2? 7-5? I can't remember) I got my Faust killed by Swordsman and lost 7 cards to a Komainu. It didn't matter. I trashed nearly all of his installed cards except an Architect on R&D and won despite Mimic being literally the 45th card in my deck. Parasite is Broken.

Cut Round 1: RP (7-4) This guy knows my deck and knows he has no chance after turn 8-10, so he fast tracks for a Mk 2 and scores it behind Komainu, Lotus Field. He showed me this ice with a turn 1 Celebrity Gift, so I least I don't lose my hand going after it. He then scores an NAPD, going to 4. Then I trashed literally all of his installed cards and he lost. At one point he began his turn with nothing installed and 0 credits. RIP

NEH wins me 2 terrifyingly close games in a row and I go to the finals having to lose twice.

Grand Finals: RP (7-0) He draws lots of assets, all of which I trash. I big-dig with Medium before he can get any momentum and win in about 5 minutes.

Clone Chip Parasite is so strong, it's worth the 5 MWL influence easily. I didn't face any Astrobiotics on the day, but my testing against @Calimsha and others showed that the match-up is favorable thanks to Medium + Turntable and their totally crap ICE suite.

This deck is a complete face-roll and Faust should be banned. RIP Netrunner ;)

7 Feb 2016 corbeil93

When do you decide to Faust? Because I played it in an Apex deck, and lucky me I won, but trash my whole deck, and put Levy face down via hunting grounds... But is there a specific window that you tell yourself it's time to use it?

7 Feb 2016 corbeil93

I forgot, how do you handle glacier deck?

7 Feb 2016 ANRguybrush

I play a oddly similar deck but I have injects because I got fed up with having unplayable opening hands. Good job.

7 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@corbeil93Be careful with Levy. Install SoT as soon as you draw it and don't discard the Levy. Put off using Faust for a long as possible. This is match-up dependent.

@mcpbaInject is a good card, but it's blank once you have wyldcakes out and I HATE showing the corp what I'm drawing.

7 Feb 2016 sruman

I've spent some time playing a similar type of deck but one problem I found was classic "anarch problems". With no tutor and only 2 of your main breaker, you can find yourself digging excessively (even with wyldeside) for an answer to a rush. Did you find this?

7 Feb 2016 mittens

How have you found the 2x knifed? Is the second because of the lack of corroder? Spooned and forked seem to be the cutlery I usually want to see, so maybe -1 knifed +1 spooned?

It also looks like you cut the 1x deja for plascrete. Is deja too slow / unnecessary?

7 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@srumanI faced a rush opening at the tournament out of RP. I literall drew 4 and discarded 4 2 turns in a row. Then I won. You just have to know what you need and go get it. Once you stop the rush they are 100% out of the game. Also, if they have an open server you can get in with sucker parasite. No one rushes anyway.

@mittensI never had Deja. It's slow and not needed. It's not too common, but the blue sun matchup is terribad with 1x knifed.

8 Feb 2016 moistloaf

been running this for about a month since i saw you comment re: the list on another anarch cutlery deck. i'm def not 22-0 with it but it's incredibly strong and the way to play l4j in this mwl environment, imo. only games i really lose are to neh astro train when i have rough draws and bad accesses. this deck solidified me as a turntable hype man, thx for the list

8 Feb 2016 anr_marsellus

Good job! The deck is quite similar to my Val deck ( which also uses a lot of the same tools. Main difference is I think the lack of Vamp in your deck, which I feel would do for an awesome job (as you have the very same eco suite with Career Fairs and Daily Casts+Liberated Accounts). Cheers!

8 Feb 2016 Ehill

Can attest to this decks raw power, got first place in another SC going 5-1 with the exact same list. Would Bandit Again.

8 Feb 2016 spags

Great take on L4J. Faust should be banned.

I see you saw no raw FA. Any issues with it? Turntable helps a lot.

8 Feb 2016 fiveplus5is55

Yes , just yes to everything op said. This is so strong.... But it leaves me with 1 question: why didn't we play this before napd list? why now,when it's short on 5 influence but it might still be most consistent runner deck out there? we missed it? I remember that it was said that whiz is one of the weaker anarchs when it came out. whiz was never really regarded as tier 1.
But how many credits will Kate safe u? 10-15? Even against HBO food coat whiz will safe u at least that Much, and generally speaking , there is hardly a corp deck played any longer which Eco is based entirely on operations So yes .....yes

8 Feb 2016 sruman

@fiveplus5is55 Generally true on resource econ ubiquity, but Sync Fastro is popular and usually entirely operation econ. Also, most Weyland decks are primarily operation econ (with Blue Sun having 1-2 Adonis / Launch Campaigns). Not a reason not to play Whizzard but there are strong archetypes with low asset counts.

8 Feb 2016 spags

People did play it. Wooley won the HAC with Whizz L4J. (not full on Faust/Cutlery.)

8 Feb 2016 CodeDigger

@anr_marsellus I was wondering about using Vamp in this deck too. It seems a good fit after killing off everything it would just be the nail in the coffin. Then again, is it only useful when your already winning? And maybe the deck never accumulates much cash, rather spending it on cutlery / parasites?

@TheBigBoy This looks awesome, I'll have to give it a spin.

8 Feb 2016 fiveplus5is55

I know l4j, great deck,but I feel this is another beast.cutlery include is just great . Faust works so well with levy and wyldslide.same goes for turntable over grimoire. all around so well thought off and probably tweaked over and over again until you got this polishe,neat deck.

@ssruman ,it's true there are def few great light asset heavy corps in current meta, so whiz is indeed blank then. I was digging out the midseason-psycho Beale deck published here last year,and played it few times on jinteki. very strong,I haven't seen many film critics to be honest .

When the flash wears yellow I think it was called,I assume that would be a very bad match up to the whiz here

8 Feb 2016 anr_marsellus

The big question is: Might this be even better in Val (just add 3 Blackmail and 2 Scrubber) ? The disadvantage is a slightly more inconsistent draw, however you are likely to get more mileage out of the bad pub (and Scrubbers) than the Whizz Creds and you have the added bonus of threatening Blackmail, such that it is even harder to be rushed against...

8 Feb 2016 sruman

@anr_marsellus I was thinking the same thing but that's the eternal question with any whizzard list. My take would be that it would be matchup dependant. Against NEH / Gagarin I would say no because you want to start trashing from the get-go and 2 scrubbers isn't much in a 50 card deck. But against a Blue Sun or HB (which will protect it's assets), I'd say Val might have the edge. At 50 cards with only IHW and wyldcakes for draw, I'd start wondering if the Levy was necessary ... that's a lotta pancakes to hit the bottom.

8 Feb 2016 AsteriskCGY

Did you consider Run Amok?

9 Feb 2016 Labbes

This deck is the tits, I love it. After the demise of PPVP Kate, I think this will be my go-to deck. Thanks man.

9 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@fiveplus5is55I did play this before MWL with 2x Desperado. It was broken but no one listened to me while I quietly terrorized my scene, OCTGN, and Jnet with it.

@spags my testing against Calimsha and Ajar showed that the match-up definitely favors Whiz. You are right that Turntable makes the difference. Pre MWL when they had better ICE the match-up was challenging, but now it's quite easy. Having 2x Medium is great too.

@anr_marsellus50 card deck is a relevant downside when I'm assembling combos. I hate scrubber. I'll never play with it. Any deck I feel needs Scrubber I immediately switch to Whiz. When I play NEH and drop 2 assets turn 1 the scrubber players can never keep up. The Whiz players can. If Scrubber isn't in your opener it sucks. Trashing turn 1 MHC's vs RP is a HUGE deal.

Vamp is interesting. It might be strong, but I'm not sure it solves any problem the deck has. I don't care if they can rez ICE. Getting through it is trivial. My answer to caprice is to just blow up the whole remote and then just spam her with runs until she dies. Vamp is probably a bit win-more and possibly even a trap.

I'd like to emphasize that the 5 cutlery suite IS THE DECK. If that's what's different about your list then it's not the same strategy. After mid-game EVERY REZZED ICE THAT MATTERS DIES ON SIGHT. That's power.

9 Feb 2016 matthopkins

This is outstanding - I've felt that cutlery was good ever since Faust wyldside pancakes became a thing, but couldn't quite make a consistent deck. Looks like you've nailed it!

Two questions - do you not think it's worth doing -1 data sucker +1 corroder? Mainly for wraparound, but also discarding 2 cards to break a wall of static doesn't feel great.

Also, in matches where you want to hold IHW for protection, do you find you have enough draw? I read your previous comments about inject, but does it really matter if they see what you draw when they probably won't be able to stop you anyway?

9 Feb 2016 JamesG

@anr_marsellus I tried the very same deck in Valencia ( adding the usual 3 blackmails and 2 scrubber) and it doesnt' feel nearly as strong. Starting with asset denial turn 1 is huge, and val bp advantage is mitigated by the bigger decksize. This means that you need to find space for 3 street peddler or inject, leaving you at 53 cards, or you can cut something else somewhere else, but it doesnt feel as fast as this whizzard deck. I feel that the 'right' deck for valencia is a modified version of D1en's Valencia deck at worlds ( Bblum has published something) that has clone chip + peddler +Smc and stimhack or career fair + Levy. I haven't tested your deck yet :P

9 Feb 2016 rojazu

so how on earth do you beat this deck as corp?

9 Feb 2016 ShreffDaddy

You started with Ed Kim and switched to Whizzard. Have you ever tested Quetzal to deal with barriers?

9 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@rogedaviflip the table.

@ShreffDaddyQuetz is nice, but getting like 20 free credits is better.

9 Feb 2016 Vaslav

When does Faust cycle out?

9 Feb 2016 AsteriskCGY

@matthopkinsI think one big argument is memory. Between needing a mem for any surprise parasites and a sucker to make that work, swordsman and other sentry defense has a priority over most barriers I would say.

9 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

As another avid player of Faust, yeah this card should be banned.

Cool List Bro - I acknowledge that you did it first, but I never read the article you posted in December. Some of this is just people play good cards, ya know?

9 Feb 2016 moistloaf

It should come as no surprise that Anarchs are adopting oppressive strategies. Upgrades like Ash and Caprice make it very difficult to win the remote game if you play fairly. I've heard a lot of people complaining about the Anarch assault of ICE destruction, Siphon spam, and DLR oppression. Guess what? You brought this on yourselves. Runners are sick of having to run a remote two or more times and play your 'real Netrunner.' Instead we will crush you from multiple vectors until you're left with nothing and we can get easy points. 'Narchs gonna 'narch yall

11 Feb 2016 DarlingSensei

I'm curious how high level cutlery plays look. It is always something like "Knife the rezzed ice"? Do you faust-check first and melt next run? How do you play it when the ice you want to kill is behind an unrezzed mystery ice? I'd love a mini-how-to of cutlery :D

12 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

It's hard to say. I just practiced the deck for a really really long time and learned when to take risks and when not to. Usually firing cutlery when they have unrezzed in front is fine.

12 Feb 2016 thesm17

I don't have anything new to add. I played this deck with Ed after I saw you on TWA and had great success- obliterating 24/7 scorch is so satisfying. And the deck is still incredible or better with Whiz. d4 + Spooned - Tollbooth = <3

12 Feb 2016 fiveplus5is55

hey, just a few thoughts after playtesting it extensively on

At first , i squandered too many games , not just because i was a little rusty with the playstyle the whiz requires , but also due to some fundamental ingame mistakes considering the eco built of this deck.

I found myself too often too low on credits. Our eco cards have high upfront costs, and are mostly drip /slow eco .

If you need to react to sth and you are on low credits like 0,1 or even 2, its like cancer. Liberated Account is 6, Daily Cast is slow drip econ and costs 3, and our only burst econ is Sure Gamble and it is 5! to play.

Once you are on low credits you really hope for a Career Fair, but too often you wont get the pleasure to Career Fair' you out of this mess.

Get your econ out asap, you always need to be able to react. Also midgame you always need be able to install your resources .

  • Eco before Draw! I often invested too early on Wyldslide / Adjusted Chronotype and neglected my economy, so the result was card draw which i could not utilize. Beginners mistake, but still .
  • If there is a card to swap, i feel it is Sure Gamble. i swapped it with 2 Dirty Laundry and 1 Day Job. I feel Laundries are much better include, even vs vertical decks.

    It is only 2 to play, combines with suckers and it gives you a run, which whiz wants to do a lot!. Again, vs vertical decks, this deck does not wrestle to dig wholes in central servers. The key is not to focus too much on RD, let them rez HQ or even archive Ice . Just focus to get an easy to run central server and load your tokens. And last : Datasucker !

  • Datasucker is so important. After eco, Loading Datasucker should be your first priority. It makes opening up servers much swifter.

So this deck really is one of the strongest decks in the current meta, no doubt, But it doesn't reward you by playing solidary. it requires skill ( well it's netrunner no surprise here).

Adjust well vs each ID, Focus on Eco first and load those tokens when you can. You are going to enjoy melting their ice again and again and again soon enough, just be patient.

13 Feb 2016 quailman2101

Faust is amazingly overpowered especially when combined with Parasites. That is because multi sub ice, which is good against Faust, almost always have low strength. I do think there should be more anti-ai ice. The other thing is Whizzard. He is one of the strongest runners in the game, if just because against some decks, it is game over from turn 1. Against others, his ability isn't going to be used non stop, but it is still really good. I can't wait for him to be cycled out. There are cards like scrubber, imp, and patricia you can make room for to help with trashing.

13 Feb 2016 kwind

After getting frustrated with criminals and playing against nonstop NBN cheese, I made my own very similar Whizzard deck a few weeks ago -- with one key exception, the cutlery.

It occurred to me that most NBN decks aren't packing much ice and the cutlery could be a good meta call, so I looked in netrunnerdb to see if anyone else has been trying it and found your deck. After importing your cutlery setup into my list, I think it's incredible and is a great way to punish the way everyone is setting up their NBN decks with 11-13 ice. I've been surprised at how well it's also held up against glacier-type decks too.

Playing against it, my Blue Sun deck of all things has matched up very well, but beating it has otherwise been pretty difficult.

I'd really like a second spooned and run amok, but it's been really had to tinker with the cards. I feel like your setup is pretty optimal for the current meta. So many Gutenbergs and data ravens on R&D you need to fry with forked.

13 Feb 2016 tuggernutz

So far i'm really loving this runner. But I keep playing IG Jinteki and just get freaking worked. ugg, so frustrating.

14 Feb 2016 Draecas

I've been playing the game for about 3 months. Went to a Store Champ yesterday and went 3/4 with this deck. I only lost the 4th because I made a risky play and got scorched.

So yes, this is a Very Good Deck.

14 Feb 2016 Walker Net Ranger

Very Good Deck, I can attest. Blue Sun Curtain Wall, Hadrian's Wall and the like all might as well be Paper Wall for all the good they do you. It is obscene.

14 Feb 2016 triorph

This deck is so good. I took it to a GNK over the weekend and came third place, but this deck was undefeated.

14 Feb 2016 cardbored

I still like your Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer version :)

15 Feb 2016 HowardistheJackson

How do you typically deal with Blue Sun: Powering the Future. Parasites go away and all we've done is cost them a click.

15 Feb 2016 llama66613

Nice! I've been using a deck very similar to this since last July, and I've had tons of success to. That version is old, but currently the main differences between my deck and yours are

  • Quality Time. Honestly not sure how you live without this, it's AMAZING!! Start your turn at 5, draw 2, QT up to 11, and you can basically get in anywhere. I have 1 less Clone Chip to make the influence, but IMO it's totally worth it.
  • Grimoire instead of Turntable. Really nice to have that extra MU, since I'm usually install 2/3 Mediums.
  • VAMP!! Oh my god, how have you not tried Vamp! It's amazing. You no longer have to worry about Caprice or Ash ruining your ability to walk all over them.
  • Deja Vu, Inject. Lumped together because I think I'll try cutting them. Same Old Thing is better for Levy grabbing since I don't have to keep it in hand. Inject is a very solid card but I have tons of draw already.

I have not tried: * The cutlery suite, which could be good. Actually seems like a great include for getting rid of ice. I'll try em out. * Datasuckers. Really not sure how you have MU for them, but I really do wish I could include them. Takes Parasite death up to 11. Definitely will see if I can put in a couple. * Plascrete, Mimic. Never felt like I needed the insurance.

15 Feb 2016 llama66613

Oh, and

  • Clot! Clot, at least 1 copy, is terrific in decks with both Faust and Clone Chip.
15 Feb 2016 TonyStellato

@Sauurman Knifed with D4V1D recursion is more than enough to deal with Blue Sun. Also, you wouldn't install a parasite unless you have the sucker tokens to deal with the ice immediately.

16 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@fiveplus5is55's comment is a great guide, by the way. I do disagree about Sure Gamble. Gamble is excellent in the first few turns of the game (where this deck is weak). It's so much better than the alternatives for this that it's worth being a bit clunky in the end-game.

The point about patience is important. Some games you can snowball hard with para-sucker and some games that you try that you will fall flat on your face and get locked out. Know when to attack and know when to build. This comes with practice. If you're not sure, err toward building against most decks and err toward aggression against Astroscript decks. I usually like to build a huge bank early game. I'll try to unload an entire lib account and casts before I start making any central runs besides free sucker runs. You WILL have to spend money, even though you use Faust. Things like Ash, Tollbooth, and Breaker Bay Grid servers are much less relevant when you are rich. An important point is that you do NOT want to have to click the 3rd sub on ichi 1, but if you do not have the credit lead you may have to so you don't awkwardly get tagged (and brained).

The #1 mistake Faust players make is neglecting their credit pool and running like crazy once they have Faust out. That does not work very well with this deck.

16 Feb 2016 fiveplus5is55

@ BigBoy

Thx! About Sure Gamble, it was aclose call to swap it. I now feel Day Job is not right here, not bad but not as good as either Laundry or Sure Gamble.

Like you said Sure gamble is great early but so is Laundry. I have been testing Laundry now for a while, and i love it. It is especially good vs NEH against which i still do lose more games to than i like. I am on a pretty good streak vs all non yellow decks, 25 games + now. Blue sun especially, i usually mulligan for sucker and run early to get some tokens.

Vs NEh i feel like i am 50/50 or even 40/60 only so far. They score out so damn quick, and cutlery is often too slow. It is always close, both parties are close to, or at matchball, but often NEH has the better stamina and closes out.

Also their ice is mostly code gate ( archangel,little engine,Enigma,Tollboth ) and we only run 1 Spooned. When i started playing this deck, i expected NEH to be a great great match up , and glacier decks rather not, but i found it now to be the other way around.

Hb's biorid ice is easy to cutlery . I often facecheck on first click to let them rez. Rezzed ice is what you want .

Against Blue Sun i am actually loving my parasites mid-late game, i always use 'em. D4id, Cutlery even those Suckers with Para. U will! trash blue sun's rig til they have nothing left to bounce.

Jinteki's ice is great to para and well u got I ve had worse. Turntable is also nasty vs some PE decks. Wylsdlide makes sure your hand is constantly covered, and if it drags on...there is Levy . you won't need it though.

So, that leaves us vs yellow, in particular NEH. i feel we can include 1 more Spooned, and like llama6613 mentioned, clot maybe.

I really dont like to swap anything, but i feel that our edge is big enough vs all other fractions that we can strenghten it little vs NEH even we lose some of the edge vs others.

I really have to mention how great turntable is. It is such a great card. Not once, people told me how overpowered it is ^^ well it is not , but i am always happy to see it, vs all fractions almost. In particular yellow and red.
It makes your deck stronger by a wide margin, and to my opinion much better than any other console in anarch's toolbox.

Also got to mention , that for some reason, Cybderdex Virus suite is not played as much anymore, apart in NEH, which further complicates things. They really have great tools agains our deck.

16 Feb 2016 Windave

Sorry, but I have to ask again, as I asked on the NEH deck that was as deck of the week a while ago, what's new in here? It even has clone chip

16 Feb 2016 Horse85

I was at that tournament and got rolled by a Whizzard deck in round 2, but I don't see my Gagarin in your report. It must have been another player.

Anyway, this deck seems awesome and I've been thinking Whizzard is the way to go in the current meta anyway. Faust is so big right now that corps pretty much have to have Ash and Caprice to score anything outside of Astrotrain, as well as the strong taxing asset econs to support them. Whizzard is the perfect counter to that.

That said, I feel like RP is a good counter to Whizzard, and supports that necessary asset econ well to begin with. And the ice destruction is gonna help out a lot with that matchup. Overall just seems like the runner deck to beat right now. Well done, sir.

16 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

If you stick a sundew against this deck the whizzard is playing it wrong @Horse85

16 Feb 2016 cardbored

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

17 Feb 2016 chill84
17 Feb 2016 djc6535

RIP netrunner? What do you do when they drop a Turing on the table?

17 Feb 2016 Horse85

Spoon it with David.

17 Feb 2016 djc6535

@Horse85 There's only one Spoon in the deck, and this only works on a remote. Foodcoats is running 3 of these suckers now a days.

17 Feb 2016 Horse85

There's also the classic Suckers and Parasites.

17 Feb 2016 juliandark

Foodcoats may be running three of those, but it usually isn't a problem. David let's you run through it three times, you can always click through one as well. on centrals it does stop you for a turn to parasite it, but that is no big deal (actually you are glad to see it there as it is one less turing on remotes). And foodcoats has a bad matchup against this, unless they draw really well and you draw really bad, with the amount of money they have in assets (sponsorhsip trash for 1c, adonises are free...).

18 Feb 2016 meta4

Hey @TheBigBoy, I really like this deck idea. I'm a shaper player, but they've been feeling a bit stale lately and I'm looking to switch it up and this seems like a great opportunity. I have a few questions for you:

  1. It seems like All-Seeing I could be problematic for you, and I don't see you mention it at all on here. Are you finding that not many people are playing it? Are you finding that it's actually not very problematic? I play NBN and I love it when players play as many resources as you have in this deck because a well-timed All-Seeing I just wins you the game (right after Daily Casts is played with Wyldside/Pancakes on the table).

  2. Wraparound. I looked at your previous iteration with Edward Kim and you had 1x Corroder which you said was specifically for Wraparound. Have you found that D4V1D and Knifed are enough to deal with decks that have 3x Wraparound and some sort of additional recursion to keep playing them (Archived Mems/Interns)? I would guess your answer to that is using Clone Chips on your D4V1D's instead of parasite, or maybe just Faust+Sucker eventually, but doesn't really seem ideal. Turing seems like a similar problem (and you only have one spooned), but it dies a bit easier to parasite and is more expensive.

  3. I'm concerned with your Levy being somewhat precarious against Buchershop NBN. It seems to me that if you draw both early you have pretty large risk of losing both. If they trash your SOT (All-Seeing I comes to mind) and then scorch the Levy out of your hand it puts you on a timer, especially if they are patiently recurring Wraparounds.

All 3 of these questions are regarding your NBN matchup and are fairly connected. You said in your write-up that you don't know how to beat this deck as corp. I would say this sort of strategy would be the best bet. Have you faced any corps that play like this?

19 Feb 2016 LazerDoofus

@TheBigBoy Thanks the ruining playing corp for me, it was a fun 3 years

19 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@trevaurIn theory a tagstorm deck should be able to do well against this. Maybe you can make a build that works. No one has seemed to be able to yet.

19 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@LazerDoofusJust play like this deck doesn't exist and rely on your opponents making mistakes. Most of them do because netrunner is hard.

20 Feb 2016 Roofy89

@TheBigBoy Has turntable worked so well that the bonus virus counters from grimoire are not needed or more helpful?

21 Feb 2016 sperry

I just took this to 1st Place at my Store Champs, card-for-card. It went 4-1, with a stupid loss to PE where I was careless. I didn't run into any Fastro, so Turntable only switched 1 agenda on the day (I also seemed to find them late). Before I switched to this deck this week, I was playing Noise, so I can ditto that I missed the extra memory of Grimoire and had to make some tough choices with my MU. The extra virus counter boost was missed, too. I'm sure if I made the switch, I would immediately run into News Teams and Fastro everyone and regret it.

The other slot I am considering playing with is Plascrete, because another Spooned, Faust, or Same Old Thing would really be awesome.

21 Feb 2016 TheBigBoy

@Roofy89``@sperry023The thing is, the core strategy is so broken that you can afford to play narrow hate like Turntable and Plascrete. You still annihilate glacier, so why not shore up potentially troublesome match-ups? Yeah, Grimoire is great against HB and Blue Sun, but do you really need help against those? I would bet you're already beating them...

5 Mar 2016 Orbital Tangent

You could drop a redundant virus, like the 2nd Medium, to slot in Djinn for Datasucker and Parasite tutoring. Plus, it shuffles the deck if someone Will-o'-the-Wisp's you post Levy.

5 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

@Orbital TangentIf you're worried about Will-o, just run the 3rd Faust.

Cutting 2nd Medium wrecks your NEH match-up.

Djinn is really expensive and slow.

5 Mar 2016 Orbital Tangent

I pretty much took this to FFG today with just the Djinn swap, and I disagree. Getting the Parasites out quick was invaluable. Medium wins the games, though, so I see where you're coming from.

6 Mar 2016 Orbital Tangent

Nevermind. I take it back. The 2nd Medium is better. Got rekt in post tourney side games by NBN because I was a turn slow. There could be a cut elsewhere, but deck is really tight.

16 May 2016 CorpRunnerzoom


How is this decklist holding up in the midst of the new meta? Have you changed anything?

31 May 2016 Orbital Tangent

@CorpRunnerzoom He removed the Career Fair for another Clone Chip. Replaced with Dirty Laundry. Not sure what the card cut for the Chip was. The deck still kicks ass even with people teching.