C2R High Violet

Ayanami 25

All the Violets.

25 Nov 2017 lostgeek

How does MCA Austerity Policy work in this deck? Most of your ICE are gear check, so aren't you giving the runner nine clicks to find breakers?

26 Nov 2017 Ayanami

@lostgeek I know its inclusion is odd, but it's useful to induce runs against certain decks where the remote actually does get a little taxing, e.g. fast runners that get in early with limited tricks (like Stimhack, Inside Job, DDoS etc) or when they're not on Inti/Gordian Blade and stacked Seidr Adaptive Barrier/Turing does a fair bit of work. It also helps draw out what sort of deck they might be on.

More often than not it's better to jam an agenda in if you have it and it's early days, but sometimes you don't have one and it's better than digging for one.

I've also been oscillating between more Aggressive Secretaries or something like Will 'o the Wisp, not sure where it'll land just yet.