Keine Kapriolen Rüdiger (110th at Magnum Opus)

Klopstock 628

I can't hope to match JackMades writeup in terms of pure meme value, so I will just write a tournament report. I played this deck at Magnum Opus, it went 4-3 (with one timed loss). It is the deck Pinsel piloted to first place at the German Nationals with one change - drop the second Beth, add a second Film Critic, which I think was definitely the right call. Beth is nice, but not crucial, while Film Critic is extremely important in some matchups and does something in almost all games.

Game 1 versus Martin B. on Titan: He scored a Hotile Takeover on his first turn, so I ran like mad to nab a wee gendie, which worked out, as I found an Oaktown Renovation. I wasn't getting suspicious there and continued running turn two, finding an Atlas and then a Boom. I was very lucky that Martin did not have Hard-Hitting News (or Consulting Visit) there, otherwise the game could have been over very quickly. This way I won, because Titan can't do that much against a Smoke who is leading 4-1, threatening Clot and building up Turning Wheel Counters to finish off the game.

Game 2 versus Evan D. on Mushin Palana: When he Mushin-advanced the second time I gambled, let both of them lay on the board. When he played Clones are not People, I wanted to shake his hand already, but to my relief he just scored one Agenda. I then proceeded to hammer his centrals, trashing traps and stealing Agendas. Film Critic and Turning Wheel were the MVPs, allowing me to easily steal the Agendas I found and acting as pseudo-R&D Interface to lock him even harder. In the end I won by stealing three 3-Pointers.

Game 3 versus Michael K. on Jammy Sportsmetal: I don't remember much from this game (sorry, so much Netrunner over the course of three weeks), but it was a fun game with some back and forth, where I clotted at the right moment (I think he was hoping for the Clot to already be in my hand, or maybe he wanted to bait it out to Fast Advance another Agenda afterwards) and won in the end.

Game 4 versus Peter M. (foilflaws) on CtM: I lost this game. Brutally. I don't have much experience with Smoke and CtM without much experience is really tough. It didn't help that I had a pretty bad start (couldn't find Paragon, my early Security Testing got trashed by a Sea Source) while he had a really good start (first turn Bankers, Rashida, Pad Campaign, my Dirty Laundry naturally hit the Pad Campaign). This was a massacre which ended on 7-1 for him (I had the choice of letting him score the GFI from the Remote or stealing it, running into Sea Source -> Exchange of Information. I chose the latter, to not lose on zero Agenda Points).

Game 5 versus Stephen E. on Sportsmetal: This list was really cool, because he played News Team (I think) and Meridian (definitely). He got me really good when he rezzed a Corporate Town behind Ice and trashed my loaded Net Mercur and my Film Critic. I felt like I was on the backfoot from then on and had to make a couple of really aggressive clutch plays to stay in the game. In the end I was lucky and won in time (while he had the Agenda in his Remote, ready to be scored for the win on his next turn).

Game 6 versus Jason D. (jdeng) on Mti Glacier: Our first game was very long and tense and this game was no different. I had a brilliant start, playing Sure Gamble and SMC then running HQ. He Mti'd in a Fairchild 3.0, which completely bankrupted him. I fetched Refractor, broke it and stole a Nisei from his hand with the single access. This start was great, but I couldn't capitalise on it too much because I couldn't find Turning Wheel or Indexing in time, so he managed to stabilise and score a Future Perfect in his Remote. I stole a Philotic after I played Indexing and he forced a shuffle with Miraju (cutting skills!). The game went on with more back and forth for about 15 minutes with noone of us scoring or stealing anything. As time was about to be called, he installed and advanced something in his Remote, passing the turn to me a couple of seconds before time was called. I made some last ditch runs on HQ and R&D (being too poor to contest the Remote with a Batty in it twice), but didn't find anything, so he could score the Nisei for a 5-4 timed win. Still, it was a fantastic game. The only thing I am sad about is that we could not finish it.

Game 7 versus Jamie A. on Mti Glacier: With both of us at 7-5 and out of contention for the Top Cut, we just played two relaxed games of Netrunner. This game went pretty bad for me. Jamie had a good start and quickly pushed his first Nisei through, then another agenda, while I simply couldn't find an SMC. When I was ready to run against Mti, it was already far too late and Jamie scored out with ease.