hunting grounds is bait (28th, 4-2 @ UK Nats)

anarchomushroom 437

there's nothing flashy or interesting about this freedom. It's the same boat freedom everybody knows about. I cut a deuces for a hunting grounds and it was only relevant in one game. I assumed that R+ would be everywhere (which was correct) and that it would be good there (which it isn't) when i inevitably played against R+ all day (I played against it once). It should be the 3rd deuces or pinhole. I also put in the second botulus because i thought the field would be more yellow than purple which was a fucking great call because i played against 4 NBN decks and only 2 HB

massive massive massive massive thanks to paulyg for running a fucking lit as fuck tournament, the UK netrunners for being so lovely and welcoming, the travelling netrunners for coming all the way, and all my opponents for being great fun and lovely people. It was absolutely fucking baller to get to finally meet so many of you in the flesh, youre all great. Some special thanks to

  • extrac, crowphie, vale, and simplytheonion, yall are a bunch of sound fuckers, it was great to test and bounce ideas around for a tournament with you all, having a gang rooting for each other is an amazing feeling

  • E M O G A N G for being part of one of the fucking best nights out ive had in a long long fucking time

  • misha for being adorable

  • whiteblade, cablecarnage, baa ram, cluster fox, austin, elwin, mar, peter, felix, osclate, russell, rotom, mike p, mcg, rufus, krasty, terje, bowlsey, havvy, the king, rotage, and swiftie for being a great bunch of pals

i love you all and i hope to see you all again soon <3 <3 <3 <3

28 Nov 2022 Baa Ram Wu


28 Nov 2022 anarchomushroom