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Netchips made The professor goes to the next level.

We major in Computer Science, but EE guys made us develop further.

See also the long deck construction ideas on the previous version.

Previous Version

What's new?

Obviously: Netchips.

There are some people trying to make Netchips deck. My personal experience showed me a good result on my previous deck.

So I decided to make a new version of my previous CS deck.


  1. No events!!

There is no event that make me feel worth playing ever.

Even Sure Gamble is a bad card here.

I would think about diesel, but still want to use ProCon more.

  1. Only 2 Aesops.

Yes, we don't need him.

Not so many cards to sell.

Over drawing Aesops hurts your tempo.

  1. Film Critics!!

This deck has a weakness that you rely on your resources alot.

So you don't want to be midseasoned or what. So Agenda intrigue prevention is needed.

  1. Triple Sahasrara!!

This card is so good when you have tons of memories.

Make all cards free to install that make you be a hyper-Kate.

  1. Netchips!!!!

Best cards in this deck. No need to explain.

Here is a list of all non 1 or 0 MU cards that I didn't use.

4 MU Endless Hunger Useless.

3 MU Hyper Driver Card slot is tight. Or this could be really good.

2 MU Battering Ram Corroder + Morning Star is way better.

2 MU Collective Consciousness Not even worth the slot.

2 MU Garrote I considered it, but it's still too useless. If there is more high strength sentry in the meta, I may use it.

2 MU Hivemind Not my business.

2 MU Keyhole I tried it, but medium is way more scary in this build.

2 MU Magnum Opus I use ProCon instead, and I think I am never short on cash.

2 MU Paint Brush Useless.

2 MU Sage Useless.

So, Actually, there are not so many good cards for Netchips to use.

However, let sneakdoor beta and morning star and the most importantly, SMC stay on the table is quite good.

The math:

All cards are cheap to install.

You don't believe it?

All Hardwares but Plascrete is 1 to install, which means you would be able to install it immediatly after you draw it via Procon.

All Resources but Procon and Daily Cast are 1 or 0 to install. Which means you don't really pay for resources via ProCon draw.

All Programs are also cheap.

With 1 Sahasrara on table:


Atman, Morning Star, Yog.0, SneakdoorBeta

cost you some money.

(Sahasrara gives you 2 and Procon gives you one, which nagates the install cost of cards lower than 3)

With 2 Sahasraras on table:

Only Morning Star and Atman at 4 cause you Econ problem.

When you got 3 Sahasraras, you install all cards without trouble.

And after you developed your board state, you would found out the truth that your...

Technical Writers are monstrously rich.

The program selections are all the same.

Mulligan for ProCon.

Ask questions if you have any.

10 Apr 2016 pang4

I've tried working with NetChip in my own build, and I've run into some issues with it.

First is that I run an Opus economy, so I need flexible MU slots, which NetChips don't provide. You need to have drawn 2 for them not to be strictly worse than Akamatsus, and even then they're rarely better.

As you mention, you rarely get more than 1mu's worth out of them, making me question how much better they are than, say, Cybersolutions?

11 Apr 2016 Fricassee

Can you use Sahasrara to add power counters to Atman?

13 Apr 2016 cwoac

No, only for paying the install cost

19 Apr 2016 zaknafean

This looks like alot of fun and I'm eager to try it out this weekend in what should be a fun casual environment.

Is Harbinger just Aesop fodder in this deck? Does that prove to be worth the deck slot?