6 Agenda Azmari - Undefeted at Calgary SC

yads 138

This is your standard 6 agenda Azmari deck with Punitive backup. I replaced SSL with Bellona as it's good to have all 6 agendas be defensive. Your ice is relatively inexpensive and taxing so SSL money isn't quite as important. The game plan is pretty simple, money up while building the remote and slowing down your opponent with Scarcity. Then jam, "Install Adv Adv" is your usual move. Sometimes you'll pivot to the more advanced "Install, wait a turn, Adv, Adv", you get the idea. You want to spend a lot of your turns putting the runner to the test. This deck went 4-0 with 1 kill and 3 score outs and the games were not particularly close.

If your meta is playing apocalypse swap the BOOM! with a Crisium or 2, but I can't imagine this deck does well in that matchup regardless.

24 May 2020 Zerothmaxima


29 May 2020 Matuszczak

Congrats on the great result!

Why did you decide against playing HHN? Can your ICE deliver tags often enough to justify the Boom?