Midknight Blue

seurimas 101

I've been tuning this deck for a few weeks now and I like this iteration the most.


Using click-intensive ICE (Hourglass, Turing, well-costed bioroids), Voting Machine Initiative, and Enhanced Login Protocol, this deck tries to force Ryon Knight hits. I was afraid this was going to be difficult but it's actually one of the most reliable parts of the deck. It's common to score 1 or 2 brain damage this way in a given match.

Cerebrals are a good way to score brain damage and also a good threat to keep people from running 3-pointers. It's rarely enough to get them to a negative handsize, but the game gets super tense when they're down to 2 cards. With all the click-defenses, they may have to draw for click 1-of-3, then run for clicks 2 and 3.

Click-intensive defense coupled with Blue Level Clearance and Green Level Clearance pushes this deck fast while trying to slow the runner down. Late game, if you don't get the flatline early, the major threat is R&D lock, so that's where most of your ICE goes long term. Thankfully, the 3 GFI plus only 18 agenda points means that runners really have to dig deep for their points most games, giving you time to stack brain damage and giving them a chance to hit an unfortunate Snare.

Possible Changes

Blue Level Clearance is an underperformer. PAD campaigns or Mumbad Temple are possible replacements.

Ronin may replace Snare!s. If you go that route, I'd definitely swap Blue Level Clearance for Advanced Assembly Lines. The game then becomes "is that triple-advanced card a Ronin that I need to run or a Cerebral I can't run?"

20 Apr 2016 RiverLethe

I like the idea here, but do you have enough economy? Especially if you lose the Blue Level Clearance, how often do you have to click fro credits?

20 Apr 2016 seurimas

@RiverLethe Economy is an issue, yes. Not sure what I'd cut Blue Levels for or how else I'd improve that though.

20 Apr 2016 RiverLethe

Based on what you were talking about above, the changes could be: +3 Advanced Assembly Lines, +2 Mumba Temple, -3 Snare!, +1 Ronin, -3 Blue Level Clearance. That would still be 44 cards and 10 influence spent. Ronin being 4 influence hurts; I'd like to see more than 1, but without getting rid of the Eli 1.0's I'm not sure how you would fit in more.

20 Apr 2016 seurimas

Yeah, if I'm ditching Snares, I'd want at least 2 Ronin. I could see switching Eli for Markus and trying that, but I'm never happy with Markus.