Asset: Hostile • Rez: 0 • Trash: 2 • Influence: 4

Ronin can be advanced.

If there are at least 4 advancement tokens on Ronin, it gains ", : Do 3 net damage."

I will serve you…for a time.
Jinteki • Adam S. Doyle • Future Proof 112
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A staple of Jinteki kill decks, this card relies on the fact that a ‘failed trap’ is often left alone. Install and advance advance and a runner will go after the card, assuming it to be an agenda. Install and advance only once, and the runner will stop to consider, look at the board state - maybe they won’t run. Maybe they will assume it is a trap and let it be. A few more slow advanced turns and all that is left is waiting for the runner to drop below three cards in their grip.

In combination with Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions this is a rather common strategy, boosting the trash cost to high levels, in combination with Shock!s in archives and Hostile Infrastructure as an additional cost, leaving a runner in a potentially bad state. Ronin has other uses, and when played in the right manner is a great way to snag a kill.

I ran a triple advanced Junebug for fear of a Ronin. It could have been an agenda; that would have been nice. But I perpared for the worse, got my hand to 6 by first click then ran the possible Ronin. —
*prepared; *worst —