Glacier Slayer (2nd at 12 person SC)

Longi 1899


I was having trouble to choose suitable runner for our Czech SC. I correctly expected our meta to be different, full of jinteki glaciers that would render my beloved apo anarch useless.

First, I wanted to bring Big Brother Hoshiko deck that I and @mildesorte used to play when La Costa Palana was a thing. But it seemed too slow now (spoiler: @mildesorte took it anyway and it was still very good) so I decided to make it faster and more regular.

I cut the slow Rezeki engine and added full playsets of Overclock (for fast and surprising play) and Wildcat Strike (for fun and cunning play). I got rid of Gachapon since I did not want to thin the deck when facing kill decks. Odore was replaced by 2nd MKultra since I cut a lot of virtual resources. To increase the bin breaker efficiency, I added one Leech. The inclusion of unbanned PAD Tap and Mad Dash is self explanatory.

Finally, I had the deck I liked...on the paper. It had enough burst econ against fast corps and companion drip for late game. The draw was not excellent but in ideal case you would draw from the ability each turn, DreamNet would help too and when you used Wildcat Strike in right moment, it could bring cards too. In jnet testing, the deck did not perform very good. But I still believed it would be good meta call and I was correct. The deck defeated all corps it faced (even though the CtM matchup was a pure luck) except the net damage grinder that @Kubik161 brought. His devotion to this archetype (even after PE had been banned) brought him well deserved 1st place. Congrats!

Also, big thanks to @Krasty for organizing this and to everybody who showed up! Another big thanks to @trismagistos for his special prize even though I am not the one who is gonna drink it :(