You're A Rude One, Mr. Grinch (4th, NYC Store Champs 2021)

neuropantser 525

all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile

You may be thinking to yourself: haven't I seen this deck before? And the answer is, yes! Rude Deck is such a rude deck that it's hard to get any ruder. It's timeless, which is my excuse for doing Christmas in June with this gif.

A few things that may not be immediately obvious:

  • Kill package: you only need a single BOOM! to kill, which is why I'm on 1 BOOM!/3 punitive. Someone better at slots than me might be able to fit a second in.

  • Subsidy: did you know this isn't a terminal? It's not! More on that later.

  • SDS over Send a Message: I expected very little Rezeki and fairly high blowout potential vs both Hivemind MaxX and 419.

  • No Spin Doctor: If you can figure out how to cut 2inf from this deck without cutting down on reliable kill threats or free win potential, feel free to tell me.

This deck went 3-1 in the swiss, then got paired up against the only loss in swiss in the cut and lost again. The wins were pretty convincing (7-0 in a 15-minute game vs Hivemind MaxX; punitive kill vs Adam in a forced-steal-or-I-score-out scenario; grindy win vs Tao in which I outlasted 3 double-ice Tread Lightly and a fairly big Conduit run). The losses were to @bahram's Conduit spam Ayla, which punished my light ice count very effectively. You can watch me get blasted by it both times on stream, including fucking up Punitive math on stream in the cut when @Ysengrin informed me afterward that I had a 100% win line I didn't see (hint: Subsidy isn't terminal)! haha painnnn

20 Aug 2021 josephlaizure

Love Snare! in this list.