(J)eeves (A)dvanced (R)eturn (V)elocity (I)mprovmnt (S)ystem

CodeMarvelous 19808

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I know the above picture is of Vision

This deck is mostly my edits on an existing deck. it is an ongoing collaboration between several members of the community including and most notably @spags and everyone at This Thread

Basically the combo of Jeeves with events is really good. Simply you can FA a 3/2 by installing, using subliminal messaging and then shipment from Sansan and using your shiny new click to advance. there are a ton of combos that let you score 3/2 and 4/2s out of hand with varying levels of money.

The more intense but still possible ways to FA GFI can be found HERE

This deck is fast and has a lot of options that gives you a lot of outs for closing the game as HB which is important in the current meta.

you can watch us go over the deck HERE

Check it out. It is a ton of fun.

29 Apr 2016 RubbishyUsername

Why Cyberdex Trial over Cyberdex Virus Suite? It's cute, but you can't use it as part of your click gaining strats (since they should play the Clot after the first advance/SfSS) so the only way you can use it is to gain an additional click through other means and activate the Cyberdex last click. But with the virus suite, you could've also just installed it the previous turn and saved yourself an Efficiency Committee counter or Biotic Labor or something.

Also, this deck is like 1 Power Shutdown away from being able to combo off for the final points Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers style. Considering how few installables you have, is that worth it over Architect?

29 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@RubbishyUsername the trial helps me trigger jeeves the turn before and if I biotic I can do a 3/2 AND clear viruses. I am testing it over Cyberdex Virus Suite because it doesnt interrupt my jeeves triggers and gives me more ability to FA THE turn I get the pieces I need.

Right now it's in ETF because the variable hand size could end up being a liability when I have to commit Ice to a remote as well. (read siphon vulnerable)

29 Apr 2016 tzeentchling

I actually wonder if Silver and Bronze might be really good in this deck, instead of the Elis and IQs. Sure, they have Parasite issues, but they also are better for rush.

29 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@RubbishyUsername Also Cyberdex Trial has the added benefit of me being able to FA with little or no money.

29 Apr 2016 leburgan


See netrunnerdb.com for some clot tricks with Cyberdex Trial over CVS. Its easier to trigger off of Jeeves since there are many combinations that give you the extra click, which means its 3 cr cheaper over CVS. You can Biotic, install, advance, advance, advance, Cyberdex Trial easily. Its also untrashable, which is nice.

29 Apr 2016 Pinkwarrior

@CodeMarvelous How about putting something you can repeatably click other than Jackson like IT Department that could get silly quick with four clicks on it.

29 Apr 2016 Vargar

To follow up on what @leburgan said I was also concerned about slums being played to help the IG match, and having your CVS removed from the game would be terrible.

Currently very few runners are playing HQ discard effects, and that makes Cyberdex Trial safer to hold onto compared to CVS.

29 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@Pinkwarrior good idea but I do not play IT Department because I loathe facing it.

29 Apr 2016 leburgan


It would turn it into a glacier deck which would look completely different. Also, Politcal Operative is a card now.


I'll believe slums is being played when it hits the table in front of me.

29 Apr 2016 spags

Another future DotW brought to you by Spagcorp.

29 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@spags we should merge our brain corps... "SpagsMarvel Consortium"

29 Apr 2016 Pinkwarrior

@leburgan I dunno I think you could probably run both, tho my idea wasn't necessarily to run that card just something else that works with having the extra click can't think of much else off hand mind.

29 Apr 2016 MalaFide

Thematically would be cooler in custom biotics. I'm a secret fan of that ID , even if it's a bit pants

29 Apr 2016 rojazu

why did you copy and paste Spags deck onto NRDB?

29 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

It's not a copy paste and also I mention specifically at the top that the deck is a collaboration from the thread

29 Apr 2016 rojazu

its the deck he posted with an IQ in it.

29 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

Agenda suite is changed, op balance is changed, no cyberdex but yea exactly the same.

29 Apr 2016 spags

It's alright. I approve. I actually prefer 1 EffCom, and no Fast Track.

30 Apr 2016 jakodrako

Fun fact: In development, Jeeves Model Bioroids was called "Jarvis Model Bioroids".

30 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

@jakodrako Glad im not the only one

30 Apr 2016 dormio

I can't remember the last time I played EtF without the sex bots... Are you ok on money?

30 Apr 2016 CodeMarvelous

Very ok on money @dormio

30 Apr 2016 atomic

@CodeMarvelous would love to see some videos of you piloting this deck. Maybe a joint effort with @spags?

1 May 2016 CodeMarvelous

@atomic there is such a video in the pipeline

1 May 2016 Simone Suka

@CodeMarvelous someone is telling me Jeeves Model Bioroids does no work with doubles. Do we have an official FAQ on it?

1 May 2016 novatero



4 May 2016 bcavalier

Now that there's a FAQ on Jeeves, and it works for the doubles combo this deck is hilarious and amazing.

It's just wombo-comboey to work, but with enough variations of the combo to actually work some of the time.

I do wish there was a little more room for recursion, I know with Architect, Jackson, and one Reclamation, you've got a fair share. But I wish there was a Museum of History in here too, just to make sure you keep Jeeves out. Other than that, I look forward to trying this out!

5 May 2016 dormio

@CodeMarvelous Have you and @spags continued testing this? How does it fair against Clot, particularly in those damn Hayley decks with seemingly infinite recursion?

8 May 2016 5N00P1

There are 2 videos out by @CodeMarvelous & @spags: Deckbuilding Deerezzed: www.youtube.com TestRun: www.youtube.com

18 May 2016 matthopkins

This is a lot of fun, but I have two questions. Why architect? Aside from reinstalling a trashed Jeeves i don't see too much use for it. Maybe it's worth saving the influence for an unexpected splash?

Second, I understand the synergy of cyberdex trial. But it's dependent on having Jeeves in play. If the opponent trashes Jeeves you can't use it in the same way you would use the full CVS. Wouldn't it be better to still have the out of scoring a 3/2 through a clot with biotic without Jeeves in play?

31 May 2016 Therad

@matthopkins In a meta where ice-trashing is common, installing from archive is king. And it is always nice to see 5 cards from R&D.