Jeeves Model Bioroids

♦ Jeeves Model Bioroids 2[credit]

Asset: Alliance
Trash: 5
Influence: 3

This card costs 0 influence if you have 6 or more non-alliance [haas bioroid] cards in your deck.

The first time you spend 3[click] on the same action each turn, gain [click].

"Very good, sir."
Illustrated by St├ęphane Gantiez
Decklists with this card

Salsette Island (si)

#67 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2017-05-02

    Official FAQ

    • Playing a double operation and then playing a regular operation, spending three clicks for Melange Mining Corp., as well as clicking for three credits are each considered spending three clicks on the same action. Additional costs are still costs to trigger an ability.
    • Jeeves must be rezzed while all 3 clicks are being spent. Installed cards must be active while meeting their trigger condition, and Jeeves trigger condition is the spending of 3 clicks on the same action, not the third click.
  • Updated 2017-05-02

    UFAQ [Damon Stone]

    Among other things, the following series of actions can all trigger Jeeves Model Bioroids:

    Among other things, the following series of actions do not trigger Jeeves Model Bioroids:

    If the Runner accesses an Alliance card from HQ, is the Corp required to tell the Runner how much influence that card is worth in their deck? What about if the Runner accesses an Alliance card from R&D?

    No. It is assumed that the Corp's deck is legal, and the influence value on the card is irrelevant for the purposes of gameplay.

    What happens if the Corp no longer has enough cards in their deck to satisfy the Alliance requirement for a card due to cards being removed from the game?

    Nothing happens. Just like with Cerebral Static against The Professor, the deck building aspect of a card only matters during deck building and not during the game.


We finally have clarity about how and when this card triggers. It triggers in the following two scenarios:

  • When the corp spends a total of three clicks on any number of uses of a single ability on the Corp Actions card that comes with the game (including playing different operations, or Doubles); or
  • When the corp spends a total of three clicks using a paid ability on a single active card (different copies or instances don't count).

The result is a lot of fast advance shenanigans, but most of these work best in HB. Some possible scoring scenarios with Jeeves rezzed are as follows:

If you can include the influence for SanSan City Grid, you can score 4- or 5- cost agendas out of hand with these combos, and they're pretty moderately priced.

One issue is that you'll run out of Shipments from SanSan eventually. HB is the corp best suited to solve this problem, however. Clone Suffrage Movement lets you snatch back one SanSan per turn for each copy rezzed. Archived Memories and Reclamation Order allow you to return them back to your hand at your leisure. If you're playing SanSans or Clone Suffrage, or if the runner is going hard after your Jeeves, you can include Team Sponsorship to make these trashes hurt even more.

This seems like a pretty shocking new way to fast advance, and joins Political Dealings and Mumbad Construction Co. as non-yellow FA tools in the Mumbad cycle.

(Salsette Island era)
"When the corp spends a total of three clicks using a paid ability on a single active card" - when I first read that sentence I immediately thought of Melange Mining Corp. :D —
To clarify "a total of three clicks on a single active card," would that include both a triple activation of Mumbad City Hall and a single activation of Melange? Presuming the City Hall example works, does the Jeeves have to have been on board for all three clicks, or could it have been one of the cards installed so long as it is rezzed prior to the third click? —
For such a powerful card, the rez and trash costs seem off to me. I almost think they should be switched. —
Does that also mean you could Purge and then get another click to spend on whatever else you want? —
Melange: yes; Triple Mumbad City Hall: yes; Purge: yes. It's a very powerful ability. Basically, whenever you spend a total of 3 clicks activating a single card's ability per turn (including the Corp Actions card), gain a click. —
Jeeves starts "counting" clicks when he is rezzed. You use the first MCH before he is rezzed, so that one doesn't count. —
I am totally confused by this card. Melange and purging are straightforward. I have no idea how the other combinations described above work. —
For instance, Play Shipment from MirrorMorph, (one click) installing an agenda (no clicks) (or 3 Research Grant) (no clicks). Play Shipment from SanSan to place two advancements on that agenda (two clicks). Jeeves triggers (why, when only two clicks from shipment have been used). Manually advance the agenda once, and score it (I don't follow how this last click is legal). Total cost: 2 creds. Install an agenda from hand. Play Subliminal Messaging. Play Shipment from SanSan. Jeeves triggers (Why? These are two different actions from two different cards). Manually advance the agenda once, and score it. 3-cost agenda scored; total cost: 0 creds. Subliminal finds it's way back to your hand. Install an agenda from hand. Play Biotic Labor. Play Shipment from SanSan. (Why does shipment combine with Biotic?) Jeeves triggers. Manually advance the agenda two times, and score it. 4-cost agenda (or overadvanced Project Vitruvius) scored; total cost, 6 creds. —
@wittela - Play Shipment from Mirrormorph (1 click, operation), play Shipment from SanSan (2 clicks, double operation) = 3 clicks spent on the Play an Operation action. Jeeves triggers —
@SQUIDwarrior, Thank you! —
Are we sure Shipment from SanSan counts in regards to Jeeves? —
I ask because Shipment from SanSan is a double Operation - First click is to play it, the second is the "additional cost" does that count as Jeeves' "performing the same 3 actions"? Couldn't it be argued the first click is to use, but the second is an added penalty cost? —
@ZadokDJ, that how I original read it, 1 Click to Play and 1 Click extra spent from using a double and so only one of those relates to Jeeves, but re reading it Jeeves reads " Spend 3 Clicks..." spend is related to cost and the extra click for a double is a cost. A question I had was does Jeeves fire with Jinteki Biotech Triple Click Flip ability? —
Do you have a source for this tonedef? I haven't seen anything official clarifying this yet —
How does Jeeves interact with using agenda abilities like Government Contract or High Risk Investment? Would you have to use three agenda abilities to gain the fourth click, or could I use remaining clicks for credits and gain a fourth click (since they are all gaining credits one way or another)? —
Directly from Damon in the UFAQ posted by ANCUR —
@seeds34: Biotech spends 3 clicks on a single card ability, so Jeeves fires. Nice if you have a ronin out, or EMP in your hand! —
Honestly, Subliminal Messaging is super powerful with Jeeves. It recurs, it doesn't cost you anything, it means you only need two Operation clicks to activate Jeeves, it slices, it dices...don't forget that outside of FA extra clicks can be used to score a flatline, too (SEA+Subliminal+Trash something that was stopping the kill+Scorched+Scorched comes to mind) —
That won't work unless you are using an operation to trash something, such as using All Seeing Eye to trash Guru Davinder. —
It will, remember the card doesn't say in a row. so Sea (1 op 1 click) Sublim (2 op 1 click) Trash (2 op 2 click) Scorch (3 op 3 click, free click) Scorch —
huh, yeah, you are right, that's crazy. —
This card is amazingly good. With the right backup cards, you can score an agenda from hand while actually making money. Then use it to help find the cards to do it again; or to gain the money needed to do it the old fashioned way. The trash cost on it is super high; another huge advantage. Because of this, I can't really see why they thought it was okay to make it an alliance card. You should absolutely have to pay the influence to port this out of faction. —
Annoying that this card does not have the Bioroid subtype. Architects of Tomorrow could use more non-ice options for its ability. —
Sorry, its seems logic dor u but i dont understand why Subliminal works with shipment sansan. Its not the same paid ability, its not a single active card, i really completly dont understand. I know its legit, but the action of subliminal is over when we play shipment sansan. PLEASE help me to understand. —
LordRandomness pls why? "Honestly, Subliminal Messaging is super powerful with Jeeves. It recurs, it doesn't cost you anything, it means you only need two Operation clicks to activate Jeeves, —
As stated elsewhere, "play an Operation" is considered to be a single action for the purposes of Jeeves. That means playing three Operations triggers Jeeves, or playing a regular Operation and a Double Operation also triggers Jeeves. It's in the FAQ at the top of the page. —
Now this may be a poor question, but how would Jeeves work in a situation where the Corp player goes "Double" into a "Terminal" Operation? Would your turn end, or will Jeeves fire? The cards in question are [Celebrity Gift](/en/card/04012) into [IPO](/en/card/13057). —
Technically you would gain a click when you played IPO, but then IPO would end your turn, so you lose all unspent clicks. —